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Zellie and the topic of the heroine with no backbone

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Caro ♡ Hot Mess Sommelière Am I the only one who thought that Zellia doesn't have any backbone at all? It's like Avery shouts in her face that she's a stupid bitch and that he never wants to see her again and then, instead of getting over that stupid asshole (sorry for the language) she just keeps whining and whining and proclaiming her eternal love for him. And in the end, she just took him back. How silly is that? She should at least have made him wait. And grovel. And cry. Or something similar.
I know it probably sounds harsh but I really hated Zellie for this. Avery was an immature prick, but that was understandable under his circumstances. But Zellie? She could have helped her no-backbone-syndrome.

Julia I've been there, liking the jerks regardless.. Come on I'm sure we all have done it sometime in our life...

Claudia Sounds like a typical teen....and actually adult women (trust me, I work in the field). I think her reaction is what makes it more realistic.

Julia True very true... I totally didn't think about her age being 15 to begin with... Yes I totally been there done that back in High School myself... Crushing the jerks... ROFL

Crystal Simpson I think she should have made him grovel a little more. You know that she is going to take him back but for goodness sakes he called her a freak and even her family was quick to dismiss her thinking she could have caused the end result. Her younger sister has more spine than she does.

Maria Rodriguez I also felt she needed a little bit more of a back bone. I was very unhappy with the way she let Avery and her mother and father treat her. Although I loved the story I felt that she could have stood up for her self and not let her parents treat her the way they did.

Andia I agree that Zellie didn't have any backbone BUT I believe it was as a result of the entire situation. Everyone thought it was all her fault and she did too at one time. Realistically speaking...if your back was against the wall like hers was AND you thought all the shitty stuff that happened around you was your fault you wouldn't want to fight either or stand up for yourself. You'd be so consumed with guilt you'd just accept the treatment you were given which Zellie did. On another note her parents did piss me off though most of all her mom. IDC who it one should ever come between you and your child. It's like her mom didn't even care about anyone else's feelings about the whole pregnancy situation. It made it hard for me to want to even read the 2nd book :/ did anyone else feel this way?
ps: sorry for the rant lol.

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