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Do you reckon Voldemort's a virgin?
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Odd question, I know... but I wondering if he was or not. Bellatrix seems like she'd do anything for him - and I mean anything. But since he kind of isn't human, would he simply overlook that subject?

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Definitely not. Sex can be used for power, and I have no doubt Voldemort would exploit that. Example: he knows Bellatrix adores him, and he may have no feelings for her but he'd see her attraction to him as a useful tool. He's also said to have been very charming, handsome, and attractive as a younger man, which he uses to his advantage as well.

Personally, I think Voldemort was too afraid of human connection, even when he was younger, to bother with sex. I also think that he probably felt that it was a "human" act and below him to perform. I don't know it if would have occured to him...
It is a good question, though. It definately makes you think, and re-think your position on it.

Voldemort didn't turn into his sexy snakey self until he was resurrected in the Goblet of fire. Gorgie is right. When he was younger he was conventionally handsome. So if he wanted to have sex he could have. Then as an adult he turned pale and his veins were showing and I think they mentioned red eyes too. But to a lot of people that's sexy. I bet Bellatrix thinks so. And I do too! Then there was that prostitute Dumbledore said he killed to make a horcrux. Why a prostitute and not just a random person? Did he pick a random person and it just happened to be a prostitute? Or was he using her services and then decided to kill her?

:D This just made me think of A Very Potter Musical. "Voldemort has mad game with the"...."witches." ;)

But honestly, I would say that,yes, he is still a virgin. (Though that word hardly describes him) In my opinion, he was not invested in others enough to even think about such a thing. He doesn't strike me as a particularly lustful character. Now, I could be wrong, but that is just what my instincts are telling me.

I think he's totally asexual in his head, and would never allow himself to vunerable in that way.

deleted user That's what I thought, too. Maybe sex, in Voldemort's mind, was too, I don't know, human for him. ...more
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haha nice qustion but i dont think he is but who knows

haha, never stopped to think about it. kind of beside the point...

I doubt it, but he would see any woman he took to bed as a means to an end, not as someone worthy of any investment of emotion.

I've thought for a while that Voldemort had Attachment Disorder. He didn't get the right kind of attention as a very small child, and when one is a descendant of the crazy Gaunts and the snobbish Riddles, one is going to feel superior to anyone. Add in that people with attachment disorder feel no empathy for anyone, and often feel superior, and you get Voldemort.

I'm sure he had sex before he became yucky.. like before HP's time...

hahahahaha im pretty sure yes he was

He was supposed to be very handsome when he was young and he was willing to use his wits and charm to gain influence. Maybe he was willing to do a few other things for that as well...

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This made me laugh!!!! Haha-I suppose he's not. But I'm not sure he would be with Bellatrix...idk. Its a tough question.

no because i bet he lost it at Hogwarts but after the first book his face so no one would dare

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