Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

did you enjoy reading jacob's part?
Nicole qwerty Nicole Nov 06, 2011 10:13AM
honestly i was so used to bella it took a while to undrestand what was going on

It was interesting at first, but got boring pretty fast.

brooke1994 Bella's POV is more boring,to me. ...more
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Tiffany i honestly liked bellas way more hers you could feelher pain and all that way bettter at first jakes was cool then got boring [s bella has the best po ...more
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Curlygirly (last edited Jan 01, 2012 09:18PM ) Jan 01, 2012 09:16PM   0 votes
I kind of liked it...I'm not a huge Jacob fan but it was better then going to Bella's point of view which would have been boring at the time cuz she was totally out of it and was slowly dieing and...ya.

yes,only the first time I read the book, then I just jump to the part when he was with the cullens

It was weird, I usually don't mind Bella's character because I can identify with her, but during the pregnancy not knowing her side of the story, I couldn't identify with her at all. I agreed with Jacob most of the time, "Why would she give up her life for something she doesn't know?"
I couldn't understand her "love" for her "baby." So Bella's character really pissed me off while I was reading from Jacob's point of view. I'm focusing more on the story than the characters though. Personally, I think it would be nice if Meyer narrated some parts of the story in third person. All in all, I think if I don't experience the story from Bella's mind, then I won't like her character because it's hard to understand her.

Yes!! :]

I really enjoyed getting to see inside Jacob's mind.I understand him better and only wish Meyer had given us a look into Edward's thoughts and feelings like she did Jacob's.

yes. so great to get a break from edward and his crooked ways.

It was funny but I didn't like how he kept moping around, it got really annoying.

I did not like Jacob's POV as i don't like him.

true i didnt understand bella yet and still jacob but i hated jacob's part it was boring he was perdictable

Yes! Jacob's POV is way more interesting than Bella's.

I liked Jacob's part. ***SPOILER*** Especially when he split from the pack.

Yeah, because it was a nice break from Bella's mind.

Too much angst for me. I would've loved to read Jacob POV when he wasn't heartbroken.

I had the same, but finally i thought it was funny:) The names of the chapters were hillarious!

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