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message 1: by Kasidee (new)

Kasidee I loved it!! ive read it twice i think... but it was sooooooo good!!

Valerie It was really good. Definitely worth the read!

Delaney I read it I think two years ago and I remembered it was good but I am forgetting bits of it. :(

Lynda What a voice! Great character! A memorable read!

Olivia This book is amazing and I love it. Everyone said it was a chick flick but it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joann LOVED IT!!!! I was wanna buy the book now.

Lauren I guess i will read it if everyone of you say u loved it! i chgecked it out once at the library and i put it back and didt even start it. I will check it out again and read it this time.

Joann you should read it for sure. Once you start you won't be able to put it down.

Cynthia E Sherman I actually had tears after reading the ending.

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message 11: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Desselle Waiting for Normal is a very touching story that will not make you want to put it down. You can feel how someone feels to be separated from sisters, dad, or any relative.

depletive Good, touching near the end. Couldn't believe her mother wasn't caught earlier. Someone might have suspected, seeing that there was a fire and everything...

Marie Excellent.

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Infinite Scythe really good. I'm happy that she got a happy ending.

.....does her mom have some sort of disease or something cause it seems like it....?

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