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message 1: by Jazzercise-113 (new)

Jazzercise-113 guillet | 10 comments Hi, im new here and theres this book that i've been looking for for like 2 years. I read it when i was maybe 9 and i can't remember the title. overview: the book is about elementary kids in the 4th to 7th grade whose teacher is out for the day. They decide to be their own teacher for the day. So there"s a bunch of problems like a once popular girl no longer speaks because this geeky boy who liked her died and she was mean to him. Also a kid whose name i think was Sebastien is moving and has to give up his dog. Also it is the anniversary of the kid's death. They deal with a lot of stuff including making the girl finally speak and the Sebastien giving up his dog. Its actually really good and pretty emotional for a children's book. If anyone's heard of it i'd really appreciate your help. p.s the cover was a chalkboard with some writing on it.. i think but thanks anyway

message 2: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments Sorry, I don't recognize it ... but there is a group here on goodreads that specializes in figuring out lost book titles ... "What's the Name of That Book?"

They're very good at figuring these out!

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Jazzercise-113 guillet | 10 comments thx

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