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J Jessica wrote: "Do you think they had the right to keep everything a secret from her? I dont think it was fair to keep Jenna in the dark for so long that she had to find out on her own. Sure something like that is..."

Truth sets us free and secrets are the weapons that finally undo us. Her parents cared more for their feelings than Jenna's feelings, and lacked respect for their daughter by asking of her what no one else can ever give---life unceasing.

Jennifer Yeah I think she should have been told from the start. I did kind of understand where her parents were coming from because they didn't want her to freak out and she was illegal so if anyone found out who knows what they would have done to her. But I think being explained everything would have allowed her to be more accepting of her new self.

Ivonnev this book is kind of sad and I agree that it wasn't fair for the parents to hide the truth from Jenna... but in real life sometimes things like this happen and we have to just suck it up and live while we can. Sad but true

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