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Sorry for the wait, i forgot i was suppose to make it.

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Shock walked in and threw his bag on a bed.

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(that's okay!nate will be in shortly)

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Crowleaf | 366 comments (Same with Chester)

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Nate ran in and jumped on the bed.He looked at his surroundings and waited for Chester.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester walked in about a half a minute later, breathing hard.

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(sorry)Nate smiled at Chester"have a fun tip?"Nate asked.Nate sat on his bed comfortably.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester marched over to his bed and fell down. "Ha ha, very funny." he said, sarcastically.

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Shock looked at the kids in his room. "Um Hi?"

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester nodded. "Hello." he replied.

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Nate noticed shock"wazzup"Nate said pushing Chester off his foot.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester shook his head. "I feel dizzy." he said.

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"uhhg"Nate said lightly tapping Chester's head making all the pain and fogginess away."better?"Nate said not really caring.

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"Im Shock." he said

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Nate looked at Shock. "Nate,the super cool sexy king of awesomeness"Nate said sarcastically.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester shook his head and looked over to Shock. "Sorry, I didn't mean to shock you."

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"Haha very funny. Don't make me hurt you." He said showing them his claws. Hopefully they wouldn't see hid dog ears just yet.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester said, "Huh? Why would you hurt me?" He was very confused and dizzy and felt like he was gonna puke.

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"I know your super shocked by my super good looks"Nate said sarcastically."yeah well I'll eat you,that blood starting to wear off"Nate said.

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"What's wrong with him?" he said pointing to Chester

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Crowleaf | 366 comments "Who?" Chester asked. "Nate?"

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"hmmm I really dunno"He turned to Chester"don't worry I'm a docter,no really I went to college for it and everything.".

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester said, "Wait, I thought you were my age." Chester said, really confused.

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"i am,I finished college by...hmm....the age of ten"Nate said like it was nothing.Nate was actually a very smart person he'd graduated by age six,and ended college by ten,he just didn't show his smartness.

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"You two are confusing!" Shock said taking out his sword and started cleaning it.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester shook his head. And when he saw the sword, he got really nervous and puked on Nate.

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"aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!jeez say it don't spray it!"Nate said looking at the barf on him.nate gagged and snapped his fingers,the barf was starting to disappear.

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"Man calm down it's just a sword." Shocl said

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester covered his mouth and went into the bathroom.

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The barf disappeared completely.Nate walked into the bathroom then quickly turned around,he had seen Chester throwing up in the toilet.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester wiped his face with the towel and set it back on the rack. He walked back into their room.

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"you ok?"Nate asked .

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester said, "I guess. I just need some rest." he looked around for his bag, but couldn't find it. "Where's my bag?" He asked.

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Nate looked around"ummm..."Nate said looking around,he looked at shock and raised an eyebrow.

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"What? Why would i take his bag?" he said

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Nate kept looking around,and finally found it.He walked over to it and gave it to Chester.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester nodded."Thanks." He took out some pajamas and was reafy to change into them.

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Nate closed his eyes.And turned around.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester changed into them as quickly as possible, then folded up his clothes and got into his bed.

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"get well I guess"Nate said in a thick Australian accent.He sat on a chair and thought about home.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester closed his eyes and started to fall asleep.

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Shock sighed and got out his journal and wrote about today.

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"dude you have a journal?why don't you start playing with your Malibu barbie,oh write about how sexy and awesome I am"Nate said.He sat up in the chair.

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"Why don't i get out my sword and cut up the annoying little kid in my room?" he said anger blazing in his eyes

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"hey!!!don't be so mean!"Nate whined.Nate realized he was serious"jeez I'm just kidding".

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"You're the one who was being mean. Just remember kid, don't get a Half-demon with a temper problem mad. If you do it may be the last thing you do." He said as he continued to write

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"sorry"Nate said slumping down in his chair.He felt belittled,he didn't like getting in trouble when he did he hated it.

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"Hey im sorry. I've had a rough week." Shock said feeling sorry fot the kid.

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"no I..i was being thoughtless..."Nate said.NNate didn't look at Shock.

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