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Carol | 29 comments I have an edition which is different than any of those listed although the one I chose to use on My Books is very close. I suspect it might be a later edition. The one I has was published by Doubleday in 1961 as one the one I chose. The picture is the same too. However, it states that it is a 50th anniversary reprint and the weight, size are different. Do I add mine as another edition or just leave as is. I originally only investigated as I wanted to add the page numbers.
I am a new librarian trying to get the rules straight. Help please!

Experiment BL626 | 358 comments Carol wrote: "I have an edition which is different than any of those listed although the one I chose to use on My Books is very close. I suspect it might be a later edition. The one I has was published by Double..."

That seem to be a different edition, so yes — do add. In the edition box just write "50th Anniversary Reprint."

Carol | 29 comments Thanks. The one I have is the original. Can I edit the other to say, 50th anniversary edition. I am doubtful of the publishing date that was listed as mine is 1961. If it is celebrating its 50th anniversary that would make it 2011 as its publishing date.

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Lobstergirl Your edition can't be the original 1961 edition and also the 50th anniversary reprint, which would be a 2011 edition. Is yours a 2011 edition?

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Lobstergirl Does your copy have an ISBN? Surely it must, if it's a 2011 edition.

Carol | 29 comments The book I have says publishing date 1961. I don't own the anniversary edition. Mine does have an isbn. 0385010923
Sorry, I don't think I am making myself clear :(

message 7: by Lobstergirl (last edited Nov 04, 2011 08:39PM) (new)

Lobstergirl Okay, that helps! Your edition is this one....

The description indicates it's celebrating the "500th anniversary of Michelangelo's David." So perhaps not the 50th anniversary of the book itself?

So I would say don't add a new edition, since your edition is listed. But do update the correct page number, and if you have a better cover I would add that too.

Carol | 29 comments I guess I am nit-picky, but the weight and size is what got me initially confused as it is different than mine. I think I will just add the page number. The cover is the same except I have the dust jacket. I might put that on as I like the jacket.

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Lobstergirl Feel free to change weight and size.

Carol | 29 comments I decided to make a new edition with my cover. I added a librarian note onto the other edition.
Thanks everyone for your help :)

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Lobstergirl I don't really get why you added another edition, since your edition seems to be the same as these two:

Carol | 29 comments Very interesting. The first one 93679, does appear to the same one except the subtitle wasn't listed ("The Biographical Novel of Michaelangelo). This may be why it didn't come up as an edition that I saw.
The second one 65439, still seems to me to be an anniversary edition whose information got mixed up at some point.
I would like to try merging the new one I made with the 93679. What do you think?
Good detective work, Lobstergirl!

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Lobstergirl The description is not always reliable. Many times people will add their own edition manually and it will take on the default description.

It does pay to look at all editions of a book before adding your own. Often sorting by publication date will help you in this regard.

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Lobstergirl Carol, technically your edition is this one

since it has the same ISBN as yours. My suggestion would be to take the cover image uploaded for 93679 and add it to the above edition, instead of that jacketless cover that is showing now. Shelve that one. Change the size and weight to whatever you have measured for your copy.

Your other option is to specify in the librarian's note that the edition you added is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0385010923. If that is not visible in the librarian's note, someone might come along and merge your edition at some later time, deciding that it is the same as the two I linked to @11.

Carol | 29 comments How do you shelf a book?

message 16: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl In "editions" view, all the editions will be visible and you click on "add to my books" which brings up a drop down box. You pick a shelf.

Editions view:

Carol | 29 comments If you look at, you will see the changes that I did. It looks perfect to me. Let me know though, if there are any further problems with those edits. Thanks!

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Lobstergirl Looks okay to me.

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