A Lion Among Men (The Wicked Years, #3) A Lion Among Men question

need to read son of a witch first?
Lauren Farmer Lauren Nov 03, 2011 05:57PM
I read Wicked years ago, and loved it so much I ended up rereading it several times. I never could get into Son of a Witch... should I try it again? Or would I be okay to jump on into this book?

I agree, you don't need to read Son of a Witch, but I would suggest it because it makes Lion Among Men clearer and it also a great book too.

I loved Wicked and Son of a Witch. I thought Lion Among Men was really boring. I almost couldn't finish it.

I actually read half of the son of the witch it bored me to tears but read the lion among read and could follow the entire story. This to me is the best book of the series

Life's too short to read books you don't like just because they might add to your appreciation of other books! As long as you've read Wicked, you can make sense of A Lion Among Men. You might miss a few references but should be able to put things together.

Although, I'm not sure Lion is better than Son--both spend a lot of time in flashback and have relatively passive and bland protagonists, so if you didn't like the one, you may not like the other either.

I agree, but it would help to become familiar with the story line and background. Helps to tie it in.

I wouldn't say it's required. The first two thirds of the book are pretty solely the lion's story. But the last third has a lot to do with the main character from Son of a Witch and kind of picks up where that ended and points to where the last book is going to go.

I just finished reading this book actually, I think you should probably read the other books as well. I'll admit the Son of a Witch wasn't his best work, but it's not HORRIBLE. I've read worse. As long as you keep in mind that Liir had a really messed up childhood, I think you can at least conjure up a little sympathy for the kid.

I think you should read them in order. The lion Among Men book needs Son of a Witch. I loved all three.

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