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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater was a book I had been wanting to read because I had several students reading it. It was about a man who had written a letter to an explorer asking about penguins. Mr. Popper is sent a penguin by Admiral Drake and the family thinks Captain Cook, the penguin, is lonely. Soon the female penguin Greta arrives. Now Mr. Popper is busy keeping the house cold and soon Captain Cook and Greta have some baby penguins - 10 actually! They are all named and Mr. Popper starts training them. The group is known as "Popper's Performing Penguins" and they travel different places performing their act. Mr. Popper decided that Drake (the explorer who sent Captain Cook in the first place) should take the penguins back to the Arctic to be released. Drake even asks Mr. Popper to go with him to the North Pole for an adventure.
I think the learners in my classroom would enjoy this book as a teacher read aloud. I could incorporate it when we are studying about different animals or places around the world. I think they would like to listen and discuss this book.

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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Patrick Skene Catling wrote a book that I read called The Chocolate Touch. This book featured a boy named John Midas who loved chocolate so much that he ate it at every meal. One day he goes to a candy shop where he gets a piece of chocolate wrapped in gold and now he has a problem. Everything he touches with his mouth turns to chocolate, which was an issue when he was trying to brush his teeth, eat breakfast, chewing on his glove on the way to school, chewing a pencil during a test, trying to get a drink of water, playing his band instrument, etc. His mouth instantly turned those things to chocolate. He went to see a doctor who was really busy to try and get some answers. Dr. Cranium diagnosed him with "chocolatitis" which upset John's mom a great deal. He gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and she turned into a solid chocolate figure. John raced to the chocolate shop and talked to the owner. He wanted to teach John a lesson about unselfishness and after he went home, his mom was back to normal and John learned his lesson!
I would definitely use this book as a read aloud. It is a really cute story with a good lesson at the end.

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