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How do you feel bout Sadie and Walt????

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They're sooo cute!!! I lurv them so much!!!

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Kiersten I think they would be sweet together but I also like Sadie and Anubis

Claire V They would be very cute but, like, Walt, here comes the hurricane.

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Art there kinda nice

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Car i feel sadie will end up with anubis

april Me too

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Isis Wannabe ummm whos walt

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Isis Wannabe Isis wrote: "ummm whos walt"

i feel kinda dumb cuz i read the book

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Kyle i didnt care at all about them

Olivia i think walt is gonna die cause ther has to be some tragedy and anubis and sadie will be together i like anubis better anyways

Elysa Anubis seems hoter than walt but then again he is a jackal & his "human form isnt real" ......poor walt

Elysa Isis wrote: "ummm whos walt"

u have to read the second book cuz thts the only one hes in lol

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i don't feel anything

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Aeia Ace wrote: "i don't feel anything"

LOL! ^__^

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles they need to stop it right now.

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Nya wrote: "they need to stop it right now."


Curlygirly Ahh their okay together but there is not that much chemistry. When I found out Walt liked her it seemed kind of random and Rick didn't give much hints that they like each together. Rick is giving more hints for the whole Sanubis thingy (Sadie+Anubis) Even if Walt and Sadie did get together it would probably last a couple weeks maybe a month tops.

Caroline I love them, better then Anubis by far !!M!M!MMM!!M!M!

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Mimmi I think they both match. They're cute together

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