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Only Head Mods will post updates and announcements.


Create A Character and RP! If you have any questions, ask the mods. Or go to the Questions? Ideas? Comments? topic and ask there.

Also, the Mods are working on a goal. When we reach the 100 Hundred Members Count, we will throw a Party for your characters. So, invite your friends so UEI can have its first big event!

Remember to wait for your characters to be approved before you RP. Also, every character must have a dorm and Dormmates. If they don't they are going to be Dormless, when it comes time to sleep, they will be out in the cold.
If your charrie doesn't have a dorm and dormmates, head to the 2nd Building and go to the About Dorms + Requesting Dormmates Topic and get your character a dorm.

That's all for now. Remember to check here at least once a week!

To Have Peace, the Enchanted Must Strive.

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Remember! Every so often the mod's will be setting 24 hour ban's on Female/Male characters

Every so often, we will be banning Female characters for 24 hours if you guys don't make enough guys, you can't just make one gender, its not very fair,

Please invite everyone to this group!

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We need as many members as we can get, so we would really appreciate it if you would please invite all of your friends! I want this group to go far!

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Please remember Text talk and Slang is BANNED In any folder apart from the ON and OFF chat,

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New Poll up! It's to choose the new replacement mod.

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48 Hour Ban on FEMALE CHARRIES starting 1:00AM EST

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Cruise is preparing!!!! Mods are workign hard!!

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