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message 1: by Douglas (new)

Douglas | 28 comments We can find "Metamagical themas" ISBN 0140085343 at .
However author and description to be found there are totally wrong, imported from B&N which seems to be corrupt. WorldCat, Amazon and my own inhand copy confirm that the correct author is Douglas R. Hofstadter and the description is along the lines of "Gödel, Escher, Bach was a major literary event ... With Metamagical Themas, Dr Hofstafdter has produced an equally remarkable book."
I would correct the author and description, except that 16 users have added the book with this incorrect information, and I'm chary to make a change if fifteen people are somehow happy with this data.
What's to do?

message 2: by Cecile (new)

Cecile | 67 comments Maybe ask one who rated this edition which book he really has. It's possible they added the title and didn't check if they had the right ISBN.

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