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Janie McMahan I read this book last year and got crossed today, but I don't want to start it cuz I can't remember what happened in matched. Can someone give me a brief summary? I remember the basis of the matching and all that, but I can't remember what happens in the middle and end. Help would be greatly appreciated

Alexei Well Cassia is matched with Xander, but Ky's face also shows up before Xander's face shows up in the matching process. She gets to know Ky more in the arboretum and ky teaches cassia some of the alphabet. Ky gets taken away to a job in the City cuz hes an anomaly, or something like it (It might have been his dad or uncle...), and Cassia goes to the city for a Sorting job because shes top in sorting. Then something happens with the artifacts when Cassia and Ky switch theirs and I think Ky loses his when Cassia gives it up but she can keep her compass because Ky hid it. Then something happens and I think Ky gets taken away to the outer edges of the Society. I don't remember this book super well but i know someone got taken away in the end and it wasn't Cassia. Hope I could Help!

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) YEs, and Cassia is planning to go and save Ky. At the end she was in a scene, gardening, she had an envelope full of blue pills, and the author left us right about there.

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Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) (I actually saw the author in person.)

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