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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Here's where you can try to ask me questions about Subverter. And maybe pry an excerpt or two out of me. If you can.

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments um...what happens??!! give me a teaser!

Amanda | 1 comments I can't wait to read it!! Are you bringing Yatol back? (I know - that's a huge spoiler question, but I had to try - haha!)

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Haha! Nice try, Amanda! =)

I am glad you miss Yatol. ;) There really was more to him than you might think at first. I tried to give little indications about him throughout DaLR, so you might find it interesting to go back now and reread everything that's said about him. It would at least help you understand him, his sacrifice...you know. Yes, I'm being mean. No, I'm not telling.

Keri - I do believe Merelin gets back to Arah Byen. And I do believe she's in for a bit of a surprise when she gets there.

Any guesses about who will be the first characters she will meet when she arrives? (Hint: it's not Yatol.;)

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments Onethyl and Mykyl? and Akhmar? And what happens to Damian?

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Ah, good guesses! Buuuut....maybe that's part of the surprise in store for Merelin, that they aren't the ones there to meet her. Want to guess again? :-)

Damian...I'm having some issues with Damian. After all, he's a Marine now, so I don't want to make him go AWOL or something. If he goes on leave any time soon, he might pop into the story, but for right now, Merelin's kind of stuck on her own. And not too happy with me about it either, let me tell you! O.o Yikes.

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Don Morris | 23 comments What about Curt Hurtsinger? He sounds so much like a certain English Lit. professor that I took a writer's class from (the first one he taught, actually). It was for short stories. I loved that class and he like what I wrote.

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Don Morris | 23 comments Well, Obama is now sending people home...

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Don Morris | 23 comments Don wrote: "Well, Obama is now sending people home..."

Meaning that Damian could be coming back/already back. Just a thought.

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Mmm...he's still in training. I checked with a Marine friend of mine about the timeline, and it's going to be tough. Maybe we'll see more of him in Book 3, however...;-)

You know, the kind of crazy thing about this book is I have no idea who is going to show up, and when. I just had the plot take a strange twist on me. Just when I thought things were so messed up I could never get them to make sense, something changed and now it all fits together. Weird. So, who knows what will happen next?

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Don Morris | 23 comments Well, I plan to show up in the next chapter as a hybrid being. Shhh, don't tell yourself that so that it will be a surprise. LOL
Just kidding, of course.

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Aha! I knew it!

Umm... ;-)

Well, here you go. I'm feeling charitable, so...here's an excerpt of part I was just working on...

She started to turn down the tunnel, but seeing Lohka reach for his short sword she stopped and waved the torch at him. “Don’t even think about it.”


“No. It’s out of the question. You will stand there until we’ve left the tunnel.”

“But I know where you’re hiding. What makes you think I won’t just follow?”

“I don’t care if you follow us later. You don’t know where we are at the Academy. And you certainly don’t know how to gain access.”

Lohka let out a thin hiss of laughter. “But I know someone who does.”

Before I realized what happened, Aniira had him against the wall of the corridor, the edge of her sword against his neck. Part of me wanted to smirk. Payback. But I just went for the torch she’d thrown aside, managing to rescue it from the ground before it went out.

“I’ve never had much trust to spare for the likes of you,” she said. “I don’t care what awakening you’ve had, or what kind of new person you claim to be. You’ve straddled the battle lines too long for me to believe you’re on ours to stay. So stay out of our way.”

To my surprise, Lohka didn’t argue with her. He just turned to me, sad and weary.

“Funny, isn’t it?” he murmured. “Funny how we can hate and mistrust each other, and circle around and try to outsmart each other, and yet in the end realize that our only chance is to band together…”

The blood drained from my face, and I stared at him through a tunnel all awash in a red haze. Two steps. And suddenly Lohka was sliding down the wall, unconscious, his nose streaming blood, while I stood over him shaking out my fist.

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Don Morris | 23 comments Wow, so did she punch him, or was it Aniira?

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Hah! She totally punched him. That really surprised me. :-P

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments whoa. not expecting that at all! um....I thought the Ungulion would come back but... maybe some other evil creature?

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Ooh, hope not in a bad way! :)

Mmm...the Ungulion. We'll have to see about that. I hadn't anticipated that they'd be back, but...something strange has happened in the chapter I just wrote that makes me kind of wonder... Actually, I don't know what or who I just met, but....it wasn't who I thought it was. I know that much at least. O.o

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Don Morris | 23 comments Now you've got my attention.

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Check it out, guys! Subverter now has a cover!

Subverter (Lost Road, #2) by J. Leigh Bralick

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Don Morris | 23 comments Is it finished? Cool cover, kind of Egyptian look.

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments nice cover!

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Thanks! ^_^ You probably noticed the final version is a bit...bluer. ;-)

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments Yeah but it's still good! I loved the book! (view spoiler)

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Yay! When I saw that you were reading it, I was totally biting my nails hoping you'd like it. So glad you did! =)

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments It was wonderful. Even my friends like DaLR! (I just gave my copy to one of them...waiting to see their reaction!)

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J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 38 comments Mod
Eee! How exciting! Thanks for sharing it...you don't know how important that is for us indies! ^_^ I really appreciate it.

Say, did you check out the pic in my latest blog post? <3 ;-)

Carolyn (bookspirit99) | 18 comments not yet, will look for it now!

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