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I'm not sure if this is already a topic..? But, I think it's important that this is one.. Here's my question..: I God shows you how you're sinning. And you continue to do it anyway, isn't that going against God? And, if you go against God do you go to Hell?

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^Yeah, and post your questions, too!

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Dana Rongione (danarongione) | 6 comments Alex [Am I the enemy?] wrote: "Thanks for posting this's a good idea! :D

...and to answer your question...
If you're sinning (of course you are; so do I, and every other person alive), then you need to of course pray..."

Well said, Alex. It's important to remember that, as Christians, are sins were paid for at Calvary. That does not give us a license to sin, but if we're truly saved, we won't want to sin. And when we do sin, we'll feel the Holy Spirit tugging at our heart, urging us to get things right. Sin can no longer send us to Hell, but it can cause a rift between us and God. It hurts our relationship, and until we get the issue resolved, we won't be able to enjoy that sweet fellowship with Him like we do when things are right between us.

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Thank you. Both of you. You helped, truly. :)

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Dana Rongione (danarongione) | 6 comments Anytime, Kaley! I wish you the best in all that you do.

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Kristen | 349 comments While I agree with what dana and alex said, it sounds like you're asking about what determines if we go to Heaven or Hell, right?
our actions don't determine anything. Initially, yes, it was sin that earned us our debt of hell, but what determines if we have to pay that debt, is purely our belief. We are to confess and forsake our sins as Christ said, but its our faith in Christ paying for those sins that saves us. Nothing else can keep us from hell, and once we've placed our faith in him, nothing can take that salvation away.
so while its not good to live in rebellion to God(as you said about contiuing to sin knowingly), it wont send you to hell after you've received salvation. God just wont be able to bless you until you get it right.

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