Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Where do you think they will stop in the movie?
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Well what part do you guys think that Breaking Dawn the movie part one will finish at?
The part after she passes out after giving birth or with Jacob imprinting?
Anyway anyone got any ideas?

I have always said, I think Reneesme will be born, Jacob will leave, he will walk downstairs, see the baby, want to attack, *imprint* and then it will cut. I think they will start part 2 with Bella turning...

AlbertaJenn This is pretty much what Wyck Godfrey, the Producer, has said will happen. Part 1 is baby being born, part 2 is her transformation.
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After Renesmee was born?

I think there is a chance that they may stop it when part 1 of the book stops after bella finds out that she is pregent.( that when they did stop it in the preview)

I think right after she gives birth....that would leave people guessing if she survived the birth or not. Make it really dramatic. Don't show Reneesme until the 2nd movie.

I think it will end when we see Jacob "imprinting" on Nessie. Just like in the book.

I've seen a comment that is exactly what I think it will end at. XD
I think Bella will turn into a vampire and it will end with her opening her eye and the scene cutting on her blood red eye.

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i'm guessing before Renesmee is shown


I agree with Hasara, they will either stop it there or right when Bella goes into Labor.

Probably right before they show Reneesme cause everyone wants to know what she looks like

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after she vomits

when she "dies" when jacob walks downstairs its the only place they can stop it realy

I don't know where they'll stop. But I think they should when Bella's eyes open as a vampire for the first time.

Erin Merrill your right!
Nov 18, 2011 06:51PM

I agree I think that it will end with Bella becoming a vampire, and then the second film will be the one with all of the action in it.
That's always the way, it's what they did with Harry Potter.

I think the just prior to labor would be good.

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After the wedding?????

Where part one stops in the book (hopefully). You know, right after Renesmee was born.

I think right when Bella Passes out and Jacob imprints on Renesmee...
They will probably black out the screen leaving everybody wondering what just happened...

I think they may show Edward injecting Bella with his venom into her heart and then stop it there.

I think it will end where bella wakes up and her eyes are pure red and shes a vampire ! :)

Let me guess.....probably right when the movie's getting to the good part. XD

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