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Sarah ((ever green trees eveywhere))

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Sarah ((nice))
The hunt was on and Sean caught the smell of his target

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Sarah Sean saw her inhis sight he was readyto strike he just needed to gain speed

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Sarah Sammy was up in a treewhen she heard people comeing she smelledthe air a boy and a girl she thought she senced that the girl was scared and was in danger and the boy he was on the hunt they where about ten minets away so she waited and seced everyonce in a while. Her tail wagged as she waited and waited

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Kristy turns at one of the biger trees and runs into Ryan. "Woh, in a hurry?"
"Sorry rteallycant talk right now but-- watch out!"
"What?" i say and get slammed into the back with a sharp scythe.
((Wait can you have dialogue?)) ((How violent can we get too, cause i got a creepy imagination...))

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