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1. No Powerplaying. Everyone hates a God Modder.
2. Romance can go as far as you want but no Extremem cruelty.
3. Cursing use Astriks and don't swear every other post.
4. Listen to the Mods and respect them.
5. Your character must be approved before you roleplay.
6. Use parenthesis when speaking out of character and quotation marks when your character is speaking.
7. Don't do anything (e.g. make a new topic) without consulting a Mod first.
8. No spamming!
9. You only get 3-5 warnings before you get booted.
10. Don't ask to be a Mod, We will pick.
11. No Text Talk except in Chat Topics.
12. Do not use animated characters for appearance for anything other than the fairy, elf (etc) form
13. No creepy comments. If you make any comment at all that is inappropriate or creepy, you will be deleted and blocked.
14. Please write at least two sentences--its so annoying when you just write "He smiled"

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Axela What counts as a creepy comment?

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