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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 590 comments
How to Hyperlink to a Specific Post or Bookshelf

Do you want add a hyperlink from your Reading Goals to your post in a challenge? (This folder may have a different name, depending on which group you post in.) Or maybe and update to a prior post in a challenge thread? Here’s how:

1. Once you set up your folder, click on the “some html is ok” look-up at the top of the comment box and follow the Link directions.
You’ll see this:
2. You want to copy the following from the look-up (indicated by the red arrow in the above picture):
3. Replace the section of html code (in-between the two quotation marks - in bold red in the example below) with the url to which you want to link.
4. In this case, you want to copy and paste the post’s date/time indicator (for lack of a better term). To do so, place your cursor on that, located in the beige bar, and right-mouse-click.
5. The drop down menu will be different, depending on your browser; however, it will look something like the following and probably use the words “copy shortcut” or “copy link address”:
6. If you want to link to a bookshelf, go to that bookshelf and copy the url.

      Key to arrows in picture:
url = red arrow
name of bookshelf = blue arrow
orange arrow = sorted by
Notice, you may sort your bookshelf before copying and pasting (by read date, title, alphabetical by author or title, etc.). Here is a closer look at the url to my personal NBRC Tower Teams Reading Challenge, sorted by date:
7. After replacing http://www.goodreads.com with your desired url, change the “my link text” to what you want, such as the name of the number of the post, name of the bookshelf, or name of the challenge as shown in red below (url is in blue).
End Results :
Post #2



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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 590 comments Standing Out - Making it bold!

Instead of my link text, do you want to make a certain link bold?

See the part of the html code where you would insert your link name, just insert the bold commands (in green) on either side:
End Result :
Post #2

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 590 comments Revised! Added how to link to a bookshelf, too.

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