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This is in progress....

Welcome to The University of Enchanted Individuals, or UEI. This is a safe Haven for Enchanted and Different People.

School Sign:

School Motto: To Have Peace, The Enchanted Must Strive.

School Rules:

Your characters must attend at least one class, once per week.

Your characters can not disrespect the Head Masters and Head Mistresses.

Your characters can not carry any weapons in the school. (Swords, daggers, etc.) Ivar the Headmeaster will melt them if the head masters find that you have been carrying them.

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Will wrote: "what is this disscussion about?"

This is just a place to find out about UEI and informaton. You can also suggest other things to add to the above.

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Okay, thanks for not spamming here. I'm going to delete the comments.

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Please remember Text talk and Slang is BANNED In any folder apart from the ON and OFF chat,

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And also spamming Just adding to Shaney. ^

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Sorry, but am I right in thinking there used to a lot more posts on this thread? Was just wondering because it seemed a tad strange.

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Yeah, there were WAY more posts on this thread, but it just became a place to chat/spam, and that's not what this topic is for so we mods had to delete the comments.

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) What would you count as spamming? No one ever explained it to me so I only have a vague idea of it.

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Spamming is chatting where you are not supposed to chat or it wouldn't be the place for it. YOu can do whatever you want in the ON/OFF Rant chat topic just as long as it sticks to the rules, but other places, it's not acceptbale.

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Hi! I just joined this group. I have a character i'd like to roleplay in this group.

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Sure, let me approve it. :D

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so where do i start?

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Ooo OO go to PE!

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no, i want to start by Devin (that's my character) being accepted into the school

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Devin wrote: "so where do i start?"

Well, you'll have to wait a bit.. All the Headmasters and Mistresses are ont eh cruse. :)

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Hi, im new here.. i made a character and i'd like to get started :)

message 17: by Sam (new)

Sam (TheGameVat) | 4 comments How do you make a character?

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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) Hi, I'm also new here. Is a character some creature/person you create out of your head and comment in the discussion? Also, do you make a character before or after you are admitted into the school? I would like to role play, but as you can see, I have no idea where to start.

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