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message 1: by Zoe (new)

Zoe .....??

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Yeah there's a huge difference.two of my friends, one emo/somewhat scene,the other a relatively normal anime-obsessed little thing, are a good example. Miss emo/somewhat scene is hyper and happy, especially considering all the %@#¶ her mom put her through. Miss anime-obsessed is frequently close to tears, and I worry a lotmore about her. She's a lot like me in that when we love someone its with EVERYTHING we's always a mess.

message 3: by Zoe (new)

Zoe So Miss emo/somewhat scene is the emo person, and Miss anime-obsessed is depressed, then?

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Yep. And miss anime-obsessed will be moving away from me in less than a week...miss emo/somewhat scene left early this past summer to move across the country. Miss emo/somewhat scene is actually a lot happier where she is, though she left a lot she loved behind. Miss anime-obsessed, However, is /thisclose/ to having an utter breakdown. I am, too, but I have who we'll call Mr gummy bear (sounds ridiculous, I know, but he's okay with it & it fits) to hold me together. He's a good portion of why I'm still alive, actually. Anywho, miss anime-obsessed is in love with quite possibly the biggest nerd I know. He's incredibly fragile, and, having missed so much school already he wouldn't get credit for his he's gonna be homeschooled next semester. They'll both be gone, and she doesn't have anyone to console her about the whole ugly affair. I have to try to hide how much happier Mr gummy bear has made me so she doesn't feel worse. So no, depressed people aren't always emo & emo people aren't necessarily always depressed. I'm kinda a mutt...emo, Goth & just plain weird...and right now, I'm a lot of things at once. Terified at the thought of losing another friend, ecstatic that Mrgummy bear has finally decided there's something special between us, and slightly annoyed because I have to hide just how happy he makes me so she wont feel worse.

message 5: by Zoe (new)

Zoe So then what is being emo, then? Like, then what does it mean to be emo?

message 6: by Zoe (last edited Feb 15, 2012 03:15PM) (new)

Zoe I overheard someone saying that emo stands for emotional.... is that true?

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Part of the truth. I've heard people say it stands for emotional, emotional hardcore, and nothing at all in relation to other words. It's pretty commonly accepted that it means emotional, though.

message 8: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Okay. So is there an exact definition for emo?

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Not really. I'll see if i can come up with a decent basic description, though.

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Okay, here it is. To be emo is to be: constantly seeking the total opposite of numbness. Emos, at least as far as my experience goes, are usually teenagers, most of whom feel misunderstood, singled out, or hopeless. Typical attire includes skinny jeans in a plethora of colors, tight t-shirts (usually bearing band logos), converse, skate shoes, checkerboard print on anything and everything, chunky rings, facial piercings, pyramid stud belts, tutus, lots.of bracelets &/or wristbands (more commonly found on cutters, as they're a great way to hide the angry red scars & scabs,though anyone can wear them just cuz they're cute), hats or Beanies, loud knee-high socks, boots (think demonia), buttons or pins that are cute & goes on. They're often seen toting beat-up messenger bags, carrying big-assed books, or playing on their cell phone. Their hair, generally speaking, is black & [INSERT RANDOM COLOR HERE] with layers & fringe bangs over one or both eyes. This can cause intense headaches before one gets used to relying mainly on the.other eye. If accessories are added, large now's.will nearly always suffice. Now, in all reality, Emos are considered special because they're so hard to really pin down. Yeah, a lot look alike, but personalities run across the entire spectrum...I've met Emos who were so incredibly happy/perky I almost wanted to slap them. I've also met some that NEVER smile. The whole point of the scene is to feel free to express yourself, no matter what you feel or when you feel it. Not all of them engage in self-mutilation or feel the need to commit suicide. All genres of music are listened to, though screamo/emo are most popular. Does that help?

message 11: by Zoe (new)

Zoe That actually helps a lot. Thanks. i don't wear a lot of accessories or anything, or die my hair black, but would that still be me?

xXscreaming_dreaming_dyingXx | 27 comments Mod
Give me a good description of your personality, interests, stuff like that. I think character counts more than appearance.

message 13: by Zoe (last edited Feb 19, 2012 12:58PM) (new)

Zoe Alright, I'm not really sure how I would describe myself, but I'll try. I'm usually pretty happy, but at times I can be in a horrible mood. I get mood swings a lot, but that's just because I'm a teenager. I sometimes have thoughts of cutting, and I used to be depressed. Um.... that's pretty much all I can say right now, I guess.

message 14: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) Yes, definitately. Emo and Goth are styles, and stereotypes. Depressed can be anybody. You don't have to wear heavy eyeliner, band t-shirts, black hair to be depressed (although you might have those things). Not all depressed people are emos and goths, and not all emos and goths are depressed. Emo is "emotive", expressing an emotion. Some emos, yes, are expressing sadness, but some are showing anger, and yes, a few people even show happiness. It's all about the person. I happen to love the emo style and some music, and I'm depressed. But because I'm depressed, doesn't immediately label me as emo.
Goth is more of older stuff, from Gothic periods.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

yeah there is a difference, just cuz i'm emo doesnt mean i dont do anything but mourn in my room be depressed, I like having fun, I like to enjoy life- when i can

Love Music 4ever Mrs.Effie Fuentes (loveptv4ever) | 18 comments Yes there is technically emo is a genre of music but has become a style. Goths can be pretty bubbly people. Being depressed is being sad

message 17: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) Well, depression runs deeper than "sad" but I agree. :)

Love Music 4ever Mrs.Effie Fuentes (loveptv4ever) | 18 comments Jasny ♥Ti Amo♥ wrote: "Well, depression runs deeper than "sad" but I agree. :)"

Yeah your right I was making it short.

message 19: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) Cool. :) Just making sure.

message 20: by Love Music 4ever Mrs.Effie Fuentes (last edited Aug 30, 2012 01:35PM) (new)

Love Music 4ever Mrs.Effie Fuentes (loveptv4ever) | 18 comments Jasny ♥Ti Amo♥ wrote: "Cool. :) Just making sure."

Most of friends don't understand it and think it's all about being sad and think Emo's cut and and all that stuff.

message 21: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) Yeah I hate it. :/ Lot of people have to make stereotypes of what they don't understand. They don't get it, so they judge.

Love Music 4ever Mrs.Effie Fuentes (loveptv4ever) | 18 comments Yeah and all my friends think I'm turning in to one of them because I like wearing black and the music I listen to. Also a few days ago one of my guy friends took my binder and started reading it (It had my favorite music on it) and announced to my friends I'm becoming goth

message 23: by Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (last edited Oct 20, 2012 03:33PM) (new)

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) Im a goth!

Funny experience: My mate came around my house on the weekend to get out of having to go on a four hour trip with her dad to pick up their car. She told me that as she was approaching my front door she was warning her dad that I am quite a bit death-obsessed. Then I, with my perfect timing, open the door wearing a skull-pattern t-shirt, a studded black (fake) leather jacket and an axe-necklace around my neck.
The expression on his face was priceless.
I dont think he took her warning to heart until then, I certianly made an impact.

message 24: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) lol that's great! XD

message 25: by Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (last edited Oct 21, 2012 01:24PM) (new)

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) XD Yeah it was hilarious, we were laughing for quite a while afterwards.

message 26: by Zoe (new)

Zoe XD I should've been there.
Actually, I'm an identical twin. I'm in an Orchestra class, and my twin sister wanted to join. When she joined, she went to the teacher. My teacher was like, "Oh, Zoe, you lost your instrument again?" And my sister was like, "No, I'm Zoe's sister." Then the teacher looked over at me. You should have seen her face! She was shocked. I was laughing so hard.

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) XD Oh my god I wish I had been there to see that!

message 28: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 20 comments Okay, I've looked into this a LOT, as I've been asked several times.
Emo does in fact stand for emotional. That was its original meaning. However, it has branched off to mean a couple different things. It could be used to describe a style, or personality. Sometimes you just have to be specific.

Emo style, similar to goth, is usually dark- black, dark brown, or bleach-blonde hair often with in-your-face bangs. Armwarmers are common. Skinny jeans. Lace stuff. Facial peircings are common, along with extreme ear peircings like guages and bars. Heavy makeup. It really just depends on who they are and what they like.
Scene is also a very similar style, just usually with more bold, bright colors. They stand out, while the kids with emo styles typically try to hide more.

People with emo personalities struggle with depression. They feel the emotions sadness, dispair, longing, hopelessness, etc, a lot more often than anyone else.
Self-harm is often associated with emos, but you don't have to be emo to cut and you don't have to cut to be emo.
I consider myself emo. I like the style, and I am definately emotional.

message 29: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Do you ever get the feeling that when you're depressed you stop feeling anything? Like you kind of just feel numb? I get that a lot.

message 30: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) Zoe*I'm learning a violin* wrote: "Do you ever get the feeling that when you're depressed you stop feeling anything? Like you kind of just feel numb? I get that a lot."

I hate that. -.-

message 31: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 20 comments Yes. I'm that way right now. Every day just about.

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