The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl #7) The Atlantis Complex question

Am I the only who doesn't want Artemis to turn completely "good"??
Shelby Shelby Oct 31, 2011 05:27PM
I mean his whole appeal (for me anyway) is his anti-hero/sly/cocky/arrogant/genius-and-I-know-it self. Yes, character development by all means but don't turn him into some philanthropic, humble, do-gooder for the rest of his life PLEASE.That's not the character I know and was drawn to. Hes a criminal with a heart, lets stay that way.

I think Artemis himself is aware that he's gone soft.

I miss Artemis's awesomeness and know-it-all personality in this book. :(

I think Artemis will always surprise us, even if he goes soft and caring. He'll never be all good or all bad, and that's why I love this book so much.

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I don't think he'll ever turn completely "good". His brain will always be wired for the illegal way of doing things, he just is fighting it and trying to do things the right way.

I partially agree with everything Rachel, Marie, and Kara have said :)

Artemis character grows throughout the series and I liked that, but when he came all TOO softy, I was a little taken back and actually liked the other Artemis with wit and the words mentioned above. He was an amazing heroine! :D

Artemis sort of had to become better, otherwise where's the character development? A fundamental part of his character is that he can see the most effective means to any end, and doesn't particularly mind if those means are morally grey. I doubt he'll ever turn completely from illegal activities. A driving force behind the books is often that Artemis is bored, and his resulting actions cause problems.

Me neither!!!!!!!I loved it when he was a bad little boy, I love his good acts though too but I thought it was more fun to imagine a boy being a criminal.

maybe rachel but in the last book you got to admit that trying to save the earth by stoping the global warming as a favor to the fairies was too much! he changed his mind in the end to make a little profit but come on! I want him to be a little more crooked, like he used to be. I thought this series would develop so that he would become the sort of link between fairy and the criminal world! intead he just got more nice and he is losing his criminal status. I wonder what interpole in thinking about him right now.

Nope. Definetly nt the only one. There would be no more story if Artemis turned good. Also, he is way to smart to waste his inteligence and be nice.

I totally agree. I don't remember who or when but I was talking to this person, and he said that he didn't like it becaus Artemis is a criminal. My thought, "HUH?". I mean, he's cool. He makes mistakes. But that's Artemis. Cocky, arrogant, like you said. Character development is great, as far as making friends and all that, but the appeal, and all the love I have for the character of Artemis is his personality, which includes, and is nothing without, all his "less than liegal" attributes.

I like Artemis's bad side. When he was good it didn't seem right to me. If he turns completely good, I will be very dissapionted.

Yeah! Artemis' character revolves around him being less than perfect! Plus, what real person is all good anyway? Characters that are all good in general annoy me!

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