The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies, #2) The Power of Six question

six and four split
Nick Klusak Nick Oct 31, 2011 04:46PM
would u guys and gals let six go .....i wouldnt....just wondering what other people thought of them seperating...

I was ok with them splitting.....But i'm mad at Pitt for the way Four and Six get sidetracked all the time! It's like "Let's meet Six now Sam.... *gets sidetracked" or "let's go find John now Marina...*gets sidetracked" and it pains me!

(Six And Four Fo Eva!)

I think it made sense for Four and Six to separate even though I hated them doing so.

Four needed to get the Chests back because they didn't have any left and needed to keep its contents.

Six had to leave for Spain immediately to try and reach Seven before the Mogs got to her. Even if Seven were to escape the Mogs without Six's help, it would be harder to track Seven all around Europe, not knowing where she would go.

I also think that that Sam should have gone with Six. I think it would have been much easier for Four to slip in and out of the Mog headquarters if he were by himself.

i think they shouldnt separate

♥ i love four and six together... like.. SUPER!!

Wow I think I'm the only person who's still team Sarah lol... I like six but wat bout Sam? If 4 ends up with 6 sans got who? ... B.k lol

I think Six will end up with John because Sarah is ok but Six is better, not just because she's so cool.

Agreed. Six+nine can't happen. I'm thinking maybe nine and five if five is a girl and marina with 8 and six and john

Oh, I was sort of hoping Nine and Six could get together ;)

Marie they kissed! that like, major good news! a step in the right direction.
Nov 26, 2011 12:34PM · flag

Why would they separate? they needed to be together right. To save the Earth. And oh, if you mean their love team, I think they shouldn't separate. Let Sarah Hart die. I don't care about her. She betrayed Four. And I know they wouldn't last.

I want sarah to be with john srry guys xD

Marie disapointed* crap I did it again
Nov 26, 2011 12:34PM · flag

I think they were an awesome couple….Maybe they did have reasons for splitting up…But they are a great pair …Maybe…Just maybe somehow Sarah might start liking Sam…But yeah…I WANT FOUR TO BE WITH SIX

But I'm not saying that Four and Sarah aren't are cute pair


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