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Everyman | 7718 comments November 9-22 - Overture and Combray
November 23-December 6 - Swann in Love
December 7 - 20 - Place Names and book as a whole

1. In some editions, the Overture is not printed separately but is included in Combray

2. I have alloted two weeks to each section although the first two sections are much longer than the third. I fully expect the discussion of the first two sections to spill over past their two weeks, but I don't want to frustrate those who have finished the book and make them wait too long to get to the full book discussion.

3. The discussion, as always, will remain open indefinitely, so those who desire a slower pace for the discussion are quite welcome to keep posting as long as they desire.

4. I will post the thread for the first section late on November 8th or early on November 9th.

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Everyman | 7718 comments I thank all of those who made the discussion of Swann's Way so rich and enlightening during the time when I was no longer actively reading and participating in the discussion. I did read and benefit from all the comments, but in the absence of reading beyond about the first third of the book, I couldn't be an active participant during most of the discussion. But it was carried on superbly by so many of you, and I appreciate your continuing to keep the quality of discussion here so uniformly high.

Thank you. I won't name specific names, but you know who you are.

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