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Violet pours some punch

( http://www.google.com/imgres?q=bumble... )

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She walks up and grabs the punch ladel, not noticing the girl in the bee costume

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she looks up "mty sister isnt-" She sees Violet "Vi?" She smiles and hugs her sister "what are you doing here?"

she smiles "I go to the academy now."

"You do?"

"yep.Now i can ruin you life." She smirks

Cami laughs "Whatever, that's my job."

She turns to Zach "This is my sister Violet. Vi, this is Zach."

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She smirks "Nice to meet you too."

cami smiles "Who;d you come with"

She laughs "No one, i just got here a few days ago, dont know anyone."

She gives her a sad smile "Oh well, next dance."

She smirks "Yep. well, im gonna go. See ya sis."

When Cami turns back to Zach Violet uses her two finger to point at ehr eyes, then at Zach.

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"She better not be here to spy on me." She laughs and sits next to Zach

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She leans her head on his shoulder "ya, doesnt everyone?"

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"Nothing happened." She looks at all the different costumes

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she shrugs "i gueese, i've never been on one."

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"Really?How do you like NOT die." She looks up at him

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(lol me to, SCHOOL. :/)

She sits up and leans on the couch "Excpet a motorcyle os more like a death wish."

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(lol on/off 4 me)

She looks at him and raises ehr eyebrows

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She gives him a fake smile "Sorry, but i dont want to die."

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"A purple mustang." She smiles

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"It is." She grins. She stands up and grabs some chex mix. "What do you wanna do?"

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(sorry! i thought i posted :D)

She smirks "Ok, but dont come crying to me when you get scared."

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she smirks "Neither do i."

(haunted house)

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Cami walks to the table and pours two cups of punch. She looks at the hang out area next to the table and waves at her sis, not recganizing Ed.

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She smiles at Violet, thinking she knew the guy she was talking to. She walks back to Zach, trying to think of who it was.

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