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Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((FOOD!!))

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James walked in with Aubrey, stomach rumbling. "Good gosh, I'm starved." He gave a sheepish smile. "I may or may not have skipped breakfast this morning."

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Adena Wright (adenaw) "We're both guilty of that crime," Aubrey said, smiling back at him.

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James laughed, grabbing the nearest piece of food that he saw. He looked at the sandwich carefully. "If there's mayo, this thing is going in the trash."

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Adena Wright (adenaw) "If there's mayo, you can give it to me," Aubrey corrected. She took a sandwich and inspected it. "If there isn't mayo, this thing is going in the trash," she said, doing an extremely accurate imitation of James's voice.

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"Hey, I can't help it if I'm a picky eater," James said, peering at the sanwich carefully. Satisfied that there was no mayo or mustard, he took a bite.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Aubrey smiled and took a bite of her own sandwich. "Well I'm too hungry to be picky," she said.

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James laughed. "Oh, I always find time and energy to be a picky eater. It's just... in me."

((Last night I watched New Earth with Ten acting like a woman... OH BABY, I'M BEATING OUT A SAMBA!))

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Adena Wright (adenaw) ((hahaha nice!!))

"You must have a lot of time," Aubrey said, laughing.

((So, I've had varsity soccer tryouts all week and the coach said this would be the last day, but he can't decide on which players to take, so I have to tryout again tomorrow... I AM SOO STRESSED!))

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((It's okay. I understand. My sister golfs, and it's kind of similar in that the coach picks certain girls to play each match. I hope everything goes well (: ))

"Actually, I don't," James said. "But I manage. There's always time for picky in my world." He laughed.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Aubrey smiled and ate some more of her sandwich. "It amazing how good a simple sandwich tastes when you haven't eaten all day."

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He nodded. "Especially if there's no mayo," he saod, smiling.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Aubrey rolled her eyes. "Sure, sure," she said. She took a bottle of water, twisted the cap off, and took a sip.

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"So do you have a job around here?" James asked, though he guessed she probably didn't if she was wandering around.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Aubrey shook her head, blushing slightly. "Nope, I'm currently unemployed."

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He smiled gently. "That's nothing to be ashamed of, you know. A lot of people aren't." James paused and thought a moment. "Would you like to help me out in the infirmary? I mean, you probably wouldn't help with the patients, but if you want a small job filing..."

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Adena Wright (adenaw) "That would be nice," Aubrey said. She smiled, thinking of all the time she would get to spend with James, and hoped that her expression wasn't too easy to read.

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"So, I'll be seeing you at seven-thirty in the morning every day, starting tomorrow." James smiled. "And behave. I'm your new boss."

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Aubrey arched an eyebrow. "And what are the consequences for bad behavior?" she asked.

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He shrugged. "Cleaning, I don't know. Honestly, I don't think there will be much trouble."

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