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message 1: by Mauro (new)

Mauro (mauromdc) | 37 comments Hi,

I just modified the info of this book, as it was marked as The Count of Montecristo by Dumas, but its ISBN corresponds to a lecture guide, not the novel. However, the previous reviews seemed to correspond to Dumas book, can they automatically be moved to that book?

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 22716 comments Mauro, to shift the reviews the author must be put back to Dumas so that this edition can be combined.

Then having taken note of the details (ISBN etc) of the study guide, delete it so the reviews will shift across.

Then reimport the study guide and make sure the author name is correct as you have already done.

Hope this makes sense.

message 3: by Mauro (new)

Mauro (mauromdc) | 37 comments I have already merged it to the standard edition, but when I try to delete it...only superlibrarians can do it.

Can anyone remove it and I'll reimport it with the correct data/author?

message 4: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments I have merged it.

It helps in cases like this if the book is separated from the other editions and combined only with the edition that it is supposed to be merged with. This was a Spanish edition, if it was just merged then the reviews would have attached to most popular edition, which is not Spanish.

This is the link to the old book which has reimported

message 5: by Mauro (new)

Mauro (mauromdc) | 37 comments The problem is that it seemed a spanish edition (amazon and google books have it as an spanish edition) but it isn't, it's just a 128 pages lecture guide...I'll correct and update it in the reimport you have done so there isn't any new confussion.


message 6: by Mauro (new)

Mauro (mauromdc) | 37 comments Now it should be correct:Para leer El Conde de Montecristo


(It's quite a mess cause in Internet appears as an Spanish edition and we can see in the official page that it is not

message 7: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments What I meant was the people obviously thought they where reviewing the Spanish edition of COMC - therefor the reviews need to be moved to the Spanish edition

so in future - if this happens it makes it easier for the super to merge if the incorrect book is combined only with the 1 edition it should be or should have the reviews attached to. Otherwise the reviews can get attached to the wrong edition

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