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The Naming (The Books of Pellinor, #1)
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Fun :) > Where in Annar and the Seven Kigdoms would you have liked to live?

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Linda (lindacee) | 44 comments Innail or Turbansk, Innail because of the people and because it reminds me of home, Turbansk because of the tropical climes and the exotic-ness of the whole place (and the fruit sounds good).

Becky | 232 comments Mod
Innail for me!! I love mountains and stuff, only problem is it's not near the sea :(( or maybe even the Weywood Forest because I actually love being surrounded by trees!!
I like the cold too, but i'm not sure i would actually survive that far north!

Chris (calmgrove) Busk sounds very pleasant to me: access to sea, mountains and good living, but not too bustling.

Linda (lindacee) | 44 comments Aack, I forgot about Busk!! It would probably be my first choice actually.

message 5: by Ice (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ice Bear (neilar) Indurain

(Well what did you expect)

message 6: by Ice (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ice Bear (neilar) I suppose Ice Palace was too obvious

message 7: by Ice (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ice Bear (neilar) Plenty of land to choose from in the Forsaken Lands, perhaps the lesser known Eastern range of the Votul Mountains (got separated in the upheaval of blocking the Winter King).

Chris (calmgrove) Ice wrote: "Indurain

(Well what did you expect)"

There are some other areas of the map that, like Indurain, it would be nice to explore a bit more than the books allow: Culain, for example, and Amdridh (all we learn is that the people here are quite brave).

Abigail Danfora (ladyeramere) | 22 comments Mod
definately Lirigon for me :D

Abigail Danfora (ladyeramere) | 22 comments Mod
yes, exactly, Adrianja :D if cadvan were real he'd get so much fan mail and i'd camp outside his house :P

Becky | 232 comments Mod
I don't like that picture couldn't be further from how i picture him if it tried!

Becky | 232 comments Mod
it reminds me more of Aragorn than Cadvan

Becky | 232 comments Mod
well i think that is taken as a given, maybe because Aragorn has more need to be than cadvan, in the long run

Becky | 232 comments Mod
neither have I, only half way through

Sofia (sofloaf) | 13 comments Innail or Thorold, because the people are so nice!

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