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message 1: by Nisha (new)

Nisha I really apologize if the admins wanted to ask this so feel free to delete or ask me too if you wanted to!

weather your in the secret santa or not, you can still post !! To get to know eachother and to help with the bookworm santa i though it would be easyer to have a thread where you can say what type of books you like and what you would HATE to get or didnt enjoy reading. You can also say books you have read and really enjoyed or what your wanting to read etc....

Feel free to post whatever! about what books you like or anything else relevant so people get an idea and to help them out a little when it comes to getting your secret santa :)

Hope this help people :)
Nisha xxx

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
We wouldn't delete any threads people wanted to start - we just organise the members, polls and nominations etc, everyone is free to discuss pretty much anything they want x

message 3: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Williams (missybsleeping) | 32 comments I haven't signed up for the secret Santa either, but I like crime novels mostly, thriller, chicklit and old classics like Dickens and the bronte sisters. I have not read many biographies and often get stuck when reading real life stories if they are very sad as I prefer happy endings.

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia (pageplucker) | 230 comments Mod
Amina wrote: "I have not signed up for the secret Santa as I am trying to get my head around this place. I generally love most books but avoid biographies, especially celebrity ones. I am also a little bit sci..."

I used to be a bit like that with sci-fi too, and thought it would all be full of spaceships and robots. There are some much better branches on the sci-fi tree though, like apocalyptic scenarios (I love these!) or time travel stories. Sci-fi is all about asking "what if?" so sometimes it can be fantastic.

message 5: by Sophia (new)

Sophia (pageplucker) | 230 comments Mod
I read Earth Abides earlier this year which really made me think. It was written about 50 years ago, but if you don't mind its slightly old-fashioned style there's a lot there to sink your brain into. It's about a man who returns from a remote camping trip to find that most of the world has succumbed to a virus, leaving just a handful of survivors. I loved the way it followed his whole life, right through to old age, and there were so many different problems to solve at each stage of the disaster's evolution. It kept making me think about what I would do in his position.

message 6: by Nisha (new)

Nisha | 25 comments I like adventure, romance, mystery, etc.. I loved the twilight saga's and I'm currently reading shiver x

message 7: by Nisha (new)

Nisha | 25 comments And I love YA hehe x

message 8: by Kirsty (last edited Mar 06, 2012 04:16AM) (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
I don't really have a genre (one of those words I feel like an eejit using) that I mainly read. I did go through a phase of trying to find good Asian literature when I lived over there because I like historical fiction (with lots of detail) and wanted to find out more about the culture I lived in. I don't think I'll ever stop being drawn to Asia now.
I sometimes go through phases of being stuck so I'll read some YA or vampire stuff. I've really started to feel that some books are a waste of time. They might be popular and it worries me that some people might think it's pretentious of me not to like reading them. I do give them a try sometimes (usually as light relief from heavy books) and I have read books by bestselling authors in the past and enjoyed them but I now prefer to have books do more for me than that. I like to experience new things through what I read now that I'm tied down. If someone loves a book I will read it because a book that provokes passion usually has something that I'll enjoy too.

message 9: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Oh and I seem to have read quite a bit of dystopian top listers recently and I have no idea why.
I want to read more autobiographies in the future and I don't know why I don't read more. I think they'll mainly be artists and Hollywood legends.

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