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Sunny Kim So far I have read 3 chapters of Tom Sawyer. To be honest, this book is better than I thought. I like how Tom's characteristics is being revealed as I keep reading. His interesting character makes me want to continue reading. So far it talks about Tom's daily life. Tom loves to play and is really smart at getting his way. He always has a way of tricking Aunt Polly. However Tom is hurt at how Aunt Polly always scolds him and not his brother Sid. I can't wait until I learn more about Tom!

Cherie I am laughing as I read your post. I downloaded this book onto my Nook to try to help my grandson with a homework assignment. I was surprised when I started reading it. I clearly remember the stories and I know I read the books when I was in high school - way manny years ago, but I did not remember the dialect. I am glad you are excited to learn more about Tom. Keep at it!

message 3: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat Oh, it just gets better and better! You are going to have so much fun reading this, Sunny.

John Gschwend I hope you finished this great work. Now get Huckleberry Finn. You really should read them in that order.

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