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Deborah Loved this book. the illustrations were beautiful and enriched the book. My favorite picture was of Edward in his chair by the window, watching and waiting. However, I felt that the picture of Edward as a scarecrow was too shocking. I would have been traumatized if I'd seen that as a child-it was upsetting to me as an adult. The scene was amazing "I HAVE been loved" he told the powerful and heartbreaking. But the illustration (looking eerily like a crucifixion) was horrifying.

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Two words to describe the book: Amazing, breathtaking.

Starburst I know! This is by my favorite Kate Dicamillo book. (But Tale of Desperaux comes in for a close second place)

Deborah agreed. Desperaux is waiting on my bedside table. But any comment on the illustrations in Edward? Specifically the 'I have been loved' illustration? Too much?

Leila McGrath This is the best book I read all year. Magical. Meaningful.

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Ann The I have been loved picture of Edward hanging on the "crosslike" garden stakes is a little much but my favorite picture is the one with Sarah Ruth and Bryce.

Rebecca I really love that first picture of Bryce- I think it is very well done. I loved all of the pictures- I did think the scarecrow picture was powerful but I didn't read it as a kid so I don't know that it would have disturbed me. I feel like she really made Edward come alive, I mean it is a toy on a stick, but the reader empathizes with him because it is so well written.

Erwin Cuartero The illustrations were amazing best book i read last year.

Sarah Bagram Ibatouillane (I hope I spelled his name correctly) is one of the best illustrators I've ever seen. I especially love the cover art (it's from the chapter where Edward has a dream where he sees all the people he's met in his life). It encompasses the entire sense of the story. Just the perfect compliment to an already remarkable tale.

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