Delirium (Delirium, #1) Delirium question

This book was awesome!!! What did you think?
Starburst Starburst Oct 29, 2011 06:59AM
Hey check out my blog... this book is my book of the month:

Michelle (last edited Nov 07, 2011 05:12AM ) Nov 07, 2011 05:11AM   1 vote
I loved this book, too! It made my favorites list for 2011!

I absolutely LOVED the was one of those books you can't forget after you finish reading no matter how much you try. Can't wait for the second one to come out!!

Daisy (last edited Nov 04, 2011 07:56PM ) Nov 04, 2011 07:56PM   0 votes
I absolutely loved this book. I think anyone will no matter what genre of books they are into, I let my sister borrow it and she loved it to and we have completely different tastes in books.

I also loved it. This is definately one of my favorite books now! All hail lauren oliver lol jk :)

I hated the end cause of what happened but I was told that Alex doesn't die and that he is there in the second one so I know that they wont kill him off but i actually got teared up thinking that he had died. :(

The people who hated the ending must not be aware that it's the first book in a's pretty obvious Alex didn't die, she only saw him get shot. And in my experience, they're not dead till the body is buried. :p He'll be back!
I too loved the book <3

Kathy that would be halirous lol
Dec 12, 2011 12:02PM · flag
Noël That would be VERY interesting... But it would be better then a triangle for sure
Jan 21, 2012 11:16PM · flag

You guys hyped it up way too much for me, and my expectations were crushed. CRUSHED!! It had nothing to do with the ending; I thought the ending was great. Maybe I'm just getting bored with the dystopian concept.

I also like and love this book...i cried a lot after reading this book...and i am so glad and excited for the next book...

I loved this book<3 some people said it sucked becuase of the ending, but that's not a reason to totally hate a book. I thought the ending was sad of course, but it was an amazing book:)

This is one of my favorite books of 2011. I heard they are supposed to make it a movie, that would be awesome! Lena and Alex are one of my favorite YA couples and I hope he didn't die.


I really liked this book :D The ending was not bad, it was amazing, it completed the book. Something had to go wrong, or the book would have been one big cheesy happy ever after.

it was good but later i started to not like it as much.

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