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Al? (view spoiler)

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Crowleaf | 394 comments Mod
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Crowleaf | 394 comments Mod
I wish that Tris would have...

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sorry, this is difficult, going back and forth between talking to you and making a character. xD

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Crowleaf | 394 comments Mod

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah1) He was cool but the training ruined him. I felt sorry for him cause he lost sense of himself but everything else I think Peter manipulated him a bit to

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Crowleaf | 394 comments Mod
Yea, he was really cool at first.

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Cami (camikittr) I really liked him at first and thought he & Tris were going to you know... yeah... But then I started liking Tobias more after you know... (view spoiler)...

message 10: by Diana ❀ ☺ (new)

Diana ❀ ☺ | 21 comments I wasn't really sad when he died, i liked him in the beginning but to tell you the truth I did not want him to end up with tris...I thought there relationship would be boring...But what was he thinking!! He was being an idiot when he joined them...

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yael He was okay and I was sad when he died, because he must've felt truly sorry. But what he did was just a new low for him.

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Zitlali | 17 comments i loved him but i love four better
and i still can't believe he join them

message 13: by Lelia (new)

Lelia (burkartlelia) | 5 comments I hate that V Roth killed him off so early because I was curious as to why he attacked Tris.

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Rinasa1234 | 73 comments He attacked her because she was a threat to him getting through initiation.

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Lietzel (addictedreader5) Yes, and he ended up in a dark place after everything happening to him. Dauntless was not the right place for him. I think it may have become a 'rather die than be faction less' moment for him.

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Yeah, Lietzel I think you're right. I really think Tris should have forgiven him when she has the chance. Also, he was so nice! Wouldn't he have been great in Amity?

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Lietzel (addictedreader5) Definitely. I don't know about Tris's apology though. I mean if someone tried to kill you, while doing inappropriate things to you, would you turn around and forgive him the next day? I wouldn't. Plus he was her friend so there was also a feeling of betrayal there as well. I'm not so sure her apologizing sold have changed his mind. There were a lot of others things at play there as well.

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Rinasa1234 | 73 comments Yeah

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Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments Tris may have been a little too harsh with the whole "don't come near me again or I'll kill you" thing. But she had the right. He assaulted her and took part in almost killing her. Also he betrayed her which is a pretty drastic thing. Poor guy. He was just really confused and not right for Dauntless. What he did was not at all right, but if measures were taken more accordingly things may have turned out differently.

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Cassia | 9 comments I feel bad for al and was sad when he died but that was a dumb choice to help peter and his friends.

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Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments It would be interesting if Veronica Roth wrote a novella from Al's perspective so we could finally see and understand fully why he did what he did

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