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Combining profiles in multiple languages

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message 1: by Stas (new)

Stas | 1 comments Sometimes internationally published authors will have multiple profiles in different languages. It would be nice if we could combine those pages by adding alternative spellings of their name to a single main page. For example, let's say it's a Russian Author.

[name in Russian]
[name in English, Mandarin...]
[date of birth]

What do you guys think?

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments There is an aka feature in the works - it has been in the works for a while but current policy is not to merge these profiles.

A link to the other profile can be added to the author section for each profile if needed for the time being

Current policy is to use English name in the first position if author has been translated - if no translations of their works then native is used

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