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Do you think Edan or Avalon is the true leader?

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BelleScar I feel Edan is the true leader.

Brianna I think Avalon is a better leader. He has a little more experience, but i think that Eden could definitely be as good if she didn't let her emotions get in the way. I think Eden is the TRUE leader though; she's just not ready to be it yet.

BelleScar I 100% agree with you.... Avalon is a great leader because of his experience but Eden has the emotions that let her feel for both sides rather than automatically jumping into fight mode.... But like you said she isn't ready yet..What is your take on Kiran????

Brianna I'm totally not sure about Kiran, i don't really even know if he really likes Eden anymore. But i don't think he hates her enough to betray her in any way and i don't think that Eden really likes Jericho--i think he's jsut a stand in, someone Eden needed to help her through.

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L-j Smyth eden is the true leader because she will bring true change to all people and not just end the kendrickson line.....she has already merged with more magicks than anyone and i think she will meld with other powers perhaps the romanian power within the castle and i think more ppl will follow her like the titans .... the shapeshifters have already followed...she is a new power of the land

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L-j Smyth i disagee about eden not liking jericho...she was already bein drawn to him when she was fully in love with kiran! he gives her truth and growth and support....kiran is bad for her...i think he was there to help bring her powers on and more has yet to happen but she was genuinely falling for jericho

Delphina I think he is train better and therefore has more current skills, but that her skills are innate and she has more potential. As a side note, I really hope Jericho gets a HEA, even if it is not with her.

Crystal Simpson Avalon was the true leader for the rebellion. He has a sense of devotion and a knack for getting people to train hard. Eden is a more people person leader she can convince people that they should change their way of thinking first then they go to Avalon to train. They are both istrumental though.

claire I think Avalon is a better rebellion leader but that Eden is stronger magic wise and a better leader for a kingdom.

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Asu Avalon is the brain and Eden the heart. Perfect combination to rule a Kingdom :)

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