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message 1: by Robert (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:20PM) (new)

Robert (rgbatduke) Hey, I know that it has been said and should be said not to add duplicate books to the library, but with 368 books and counting in it and no search tool, it is really a PITA to page through all 25 pages of books skimming for any particular one.

Two questions, therefore. One is, is there any way to search? I didn't see one, but I've only been a goodreads member for a week or two now and I'm definitely still learning the interface. Second, why doesn't the bookshelf interface unique the books in the first place? It shouldn't be POSSIBLE to add a book twice, except perhaps as the hardback and paperback version of the same story. Also, the interface ought to present the books in something like alphabetical-author-order, permitting a librarian to quickly delete duplicate entries so that people have to worry less about this.

Just a thought. Presumably the goodreads people have the ability to tweak the bookshelf interface in various ways, and author-sorted presentation, uniqued, is a fairly obvious one. Searchability would also be very nice.


message 2: by Shoryl (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:20PM) (new)

Shoryl Roger,

When you're in your main list, there is a small box near the top of the page that says "Search my books"

The hard part for me, to be honest, is that I'm both trying to keep track of books I own and books that I have read before; and I sometimes hit duplicates when my friends have different versions of the same title.

message 3: by Robert (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:20PM) (new)

Robert (rgbatduke) OK, I see how that works, but how do I add the Building_a_SciFi_Fantasy_Library bookshelf to "my bookshelves" so that this tool can then search it? I'm less worried about uniquing my own titles (since I know what I've read:-) than I am not adding duplicate titles to the group bookshelf so that I can reference them in discussion and fulfill the group's avowed purpose.


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