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Ann Weber Diaz indulges the reader into the depths of different cultures few and far between and unravels the lifestyles of many different men, most of which society frowns upon. His stories are of the trials and tribulations of young men from foreign countries and to the assimilation of others into the United States and into the depths of poverty. In this novel he will awaken, captivate and possibly perturb the reader. His choice of words and style of righting completes his storyline to the fullest. I have enjoyed this book from front to back and will read it again.

Monty J Heying You have posted your review in the wrong place. This is a discussion forum.

To post a review, click on the book icon, then scroll down to "My Review" and click on "Edit." You can copy and past your review there.

(Some English teacher must have told his class to post a review on Goodreads, because six reviews have suddenly appeared here.)

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