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message 1: by Ashley *Frostpool*, "Tell me why they need somebody & we don't give a helping hand." (last edited Nov 08, 2011 09:11AM) (new)

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 3291 comments Mod
I know. Such an odd name for this topic. Oh well. Welcome, everyone! New members, old members...we're all friends here. Now, there have been two versions of the roleplay in this group already. The first was successful for awhile until it died down, and I wasn't even here for most the second one. So we have decided to bring back the group again with a shiny new roleplay, one we will be dedicated to! Now, with that intro - have fun!

Special abilities?:
Special disabilities?:
Appearance (Preferably a picture):
Travels with:
Kin (If any, unless unknown):
Enemies: (Please give a brief description)

There should only be about 3-6 members per flock.

Fall's Flock:

My charrie:

Name: Fall (Short for Fallen) Springs
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (Almost 15)
Mutation: Avian-American! Some percent of Winter Wren.
Special abilities: So far, she has only discovered she can fly extremely fast - faster than the others. She's only been able to travel up to about 200 mph, and if she goes any faster, her energy will quickly drain and her disability will kick in.
Special disabilities: At random times, Fall might freeze up, unabling her to do anything including: flying, walking, talking correctly, etc.
Appearance: Appears as a normal fourteen year old girl, just like Max, but has brown hair that almost falls to the small of her back. She has deep brown eyes that rarely reflect her emotion, but when they do, it's...deep. If you look really closely into her eyes, and when the light is hitting them at a certain angle, you can find out they're actually green, but from far away the brown flecks smother them. Few know about her true eye color since they haven't taken the time to look. She likes wearing suttle colors like brown, navy blue, pastel red, white, etc. You can almost never her find her without converse on. Her wings are a creamy white with chocolate brown feathers lining the upper rim of her wing. Her wing's crest has some dark brown, almost black, feathers. She has some light brown and white speckles that start at the upper rim and get denser as it spreads outwards. Then there is sudden creamy white until the tip, which is pure white.
Travels with: Jalen, Draco, Dawn, -will edit when others join, hopefully the majority of the original flock- (Leader of her flock)
Personality: Stubborn, sarcastic, funny, natural leader, smart, trustworthy, loyal to her friends, will never let a friend down and always has their backs, down to earth, kind, caring, loving, sharp-tongued (Will elaborate later...if I remember to.)
Kin (If any, unless unknown) : Not that she knows of. Yet. O.o
Enemies: Erasers, Whitecoats
[image error]
Without makeup:

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Sam | 100 comments Name: Jalen
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Mutation: Avian-American
Personality: Jalen is usually an honest and brusque person. He can be straight to the point and brutal in his honesty, but he always means well. He has his own opinion and is not easily swayed by others when he makes up his mind. Jalen recognizes and respects Fall’s authority over the flock, but he believes that the oldest should lead. As in, himself. That being said, he knows that the flock’s loyalties lie more with Fall than himself. He knows his worth, and though he isn’t arrogant, he’s nothing less than confident in his abilities and himself. Most times, Jalen has a comment about everything. The comment may vary from being completely pointless to actually useful. Jalen can become violent and easily irritated if provoked. Beware of swinging fists- it’s his most common form of violence if you annoy him. He has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong, though. As in, he has a moral compass that loves to point in the right direction. He believes that his life is just as important as anyone else’s, but he would gladly lay it down for any of his flock. He hates, hates, hates being looked at as weak or vulnerable. He can’t stand people taking pity on him or feeling sorry for him. He wants to be looked at as strong and noble which often causes him to put himself in life threatening and dangerous situations for others.
Special abilities?: He can project light from his hands and light up any part of his body. So it's almost like he's glowing. And he can make the light range from soft to blinding. He can make the light all different colors if he really wants to.
Special disabilities?: Can’t stand water. Makes his feathers all wet and sluggish and he hates that. Makes it too difficult to fly. The lighter it is outside, the harder it is to use his light ability.
Jalen is a tall, lean guy with black hair. It slightly covers his green eyes. His eyes are usually guarded, never really betraying emotion unless it’s a strong one. Though he is lean, he is strong. He likes to wear darker colors and jeans and sneakers. His has huge, sweeping white wings. The tops of his wings are a dull gray.
Travels with: Fall, Draco, Dawn (whoever else is in the flock)
Crush(s)?: None
Enemies: Erasers, whitecoats, the usual.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Name:Draco Lee Kizina
Personality:Draco is mostly quiet and doesn't show pretty much no emotions except for pain and anger. Draco is EXTREMELY hotheaded and is strong and brave, and though he may not show it, he cares about the flock and will protect them with his life.
Special Abilities:He is psychic, and is also able to control electricity and fire.
Special Disabilities:Earth and water. Draco hates when people don't leave him alone and never stop talking. He doesn't like being annoyed and likes things quiet.
[image error]
Travels with:Fall and Jalen and the rest of the flock
Enemies:Erasers, Whitecoats, and anyone who's a threat to him and the flock
Other:Draco enjoys reading, and his real name is really Marshall Lee.

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Catie  | 829 comments Mod
I go to a sleepover and come back and there is an explosion of activity. If I knew all I needed was for Ashley to come back I would tried it long ago!


Name: Dawn
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Mutation: Avian Cyanocitta cristata
Personality: Very loud. Willing to voice her ideas without thinking about any consequences until they happen. She is sweet and very loyal to her family/flock. She is super trustworthy and naive so she may fall into trusting someone she shouldn't. She is sweet enough to really be effected by any betrayal.
Special abilities: She can see the future (sporadically) and can control plants (slightly).
Special disabilities: She never knows when a vision is coming and when it does she just shuts down. She is completely immersed in the vision and stops doing anything in reality, flying, talking, walking, listening.
Controlling plants for a long amount of time makes her extremely tired.
She heals at a slightly quicker rate for humans but a slower rate than Avian hybrids.
Travels with: Fall's Flock
Crush(s)?: She is 8. Really?
Kin (If any, unless unknown): Unknown for now.
Enemies: The usual. The white coats, erasers, and anybody else who tries to hurt her or her family.

message 5: by Nellie☠Dog Biscuit Nevermore☠ (last edited Nov 05, 2011 10:32AM) (new)

Nellie☠Dog Biscuit Nevermore☠ | 68 comments Name: Breathe
Gender: F
Age: somewhere between 14 and 16, may be older, you can't really tell
Mutation: Human-vampire bat
Personality: easy going, doesn't really care much about anything besides having a good time... beleives in peace and flowers, even if it is her nature to kill things... because of that she usually ends up starving herself. she doesn't like to see other things harmed, but does not beleive in global warming or that anything is wrong with anything at all
Special abilities?: echoloaction, hypnotism... high intelligence
Special disabilities?: hmmm... she's kinda slow to react to things and is a horrible actress... doesn't really care about much, either. sometimes she'll just randomly pass out, or become totally out of it
Appearance (Preferably a picture): long hair... kind of a grey-ish blond, grey eyes, sallow skin... she's pretty much a skeleton 'cause she decided she's a vegetarian, when she is really a carnivore. instead on fingernails she has 2 inch long claws, and instead of feet two enormous paws... she's got bat wings which are also big, but is unable to use them, as well as a tail. her ears are big and bat-like... and she dresses like a hippy
Travels with: Falsh
Crush(s)?: no one
Kin: unknown
Enemies: no one really, and she's too into peace and harmony to make any. she claims to have never seen a white coat in her life.

Name: Flash Rivers
Gender: F
Age: about the same as Breathe
Mutation: eraser
Personality: grim-- she's a realist. isn't happy with her condition, and doesn't really trust anyone... she's kinda stuck in the past when she remembers everything to be perfect just the way it was, and acts more maturely than Breathe
Special abilities?: is able to phase in and out of eraser form, and really good at math
Special disabilities?: she can't always control what she looks like and her eyesight is awful...
Appearance (Preferably a picture): really, really short and rail-thin. when she's a wolf she stands on her hind legs and sort of a blue-ish grey color, but even when she's not in that form, she has a wolf's ears and tail. her hair is rather long, a pale blond with grey-ish blue streaks, and she usually keeps it tied up in a braid. her bangs hang in her eyes, which are that same shade of blue... dresses really similar to the way Breath does... puts flowers in her hair
Travels with: Breath
Crush(s)?: none
Kin: can't remember any
Enemies: white coats, though she doesn't know who they are-- simply whoever turned her into what she is

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Catie  | 829 comments Mod
I made this character like 15 minutes ago. It was long and detailed and perfect but I left the page before submiting post. So now you are getting the crappier verison because I am not going to spend an hour or so rewriting it. Yeah I'm so stupid sometimes. So lets make this character. AGAIN!

Name:Silver Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Mutation: 2% Raven
Personality: Shy, timid, quiet, skittish. Clueless about basic things that you learn in life.
Special abilities: Can transmit heat through her hands
Special disabilities: Will fill in later?
Appearance: description
Travels with: Open
Crush: Open
Kin: Unknown
Enemies: She doesn't really think of anyone as her enemies right now. The white coats are just a part of her life. She doesn't know there is a life outside of the school.

Nellie☠Dog Biscuit Nevermore☠ | 68 comments Name: Phantom Song
Gender: F
Age: she's guessing 17, or may be 14, but it's really hard to tell
Mutation: 20% vampire bat, 30% robot, 50% human
Personality: open-minded and a tad bit melancholy... she can also be almost emotionless at times as well as depressed... doesn't like fire, is afraid of heights and bugs and guts... tries to look for the positive in things, but is really bad at it
Special abilities?: computer brain, flight... sort of, she can knock over/ breat pretty much anything
Special disabilities?: she'll get sick/ injured very easily and is generally unstable both physically, emotionally, and mentally... its difficult for her to fly, because being part machine apparetnly makes you very heavy
Appearance: very much patch-work, but she has black hair hich she keeps tied back and heavy bangs, one eye is pink, though otherwise normal looking while the other is more like a light bulb-thing embedded in her skull... instead of nails she has claws, and though she is short, she has a 17-foot wing-span... as well as a tail. her ears stick out of her head, as well, so basically she's gotta wear a hat and trench coat anytime she goes anywhere....
Travels with: No One
Crush(s)?: none
Kin (If any, unless unknown): none
Enemies: none... she's a pacifist

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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 3291 comments Mod
Awesome. ^^

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