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Ashlei | 28 comments I Can Be Anything! By Jerry Spinelli

This picture book is about a young boy who is trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. He has quite an imagination and cannot decide between jobs such as a dandelion blower, puddle stomper, mixing-bowl licker, and make-believe critter to name a few. The book focuses on things that a young child can be right at the very moment and represents having dreams and creativity.

This book is very inviting to a reader of any age. The use of bright watercolor illustrations always captures my attention and I enjoyed the clever way that the text appeared on the pages throughout the book. I like books similar to this and agree with the recommendation on the book that it would be perfect for graduation

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Ashlei | 28 comments Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

Molly is the smallest girl in her whole entire class. She is taught by her grandmother to stand tall and be proud and that one day the world will look up to her rather than her looking up to the world. She moves away and has to start at a new school where she is picked on by a bully for being small. She soon comes to realize that everything her grandmother once told her about standing tall was true.

Awe-inspiring!!! The illustrations in this book were great! The use of bright colors captured my eyes. The story itself was incredible. While reading I thought about other children who are teased because of appearance and such and admired Molly Lou for standing up for herself and not backing down. It definitely showed her strength of character.

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Ashlei | 28 comments The Buggliest Bug by Carol Diggory Sheilds

There is news in the air that there is a contest to see who the “Buggliest Bug” is. After school bugs take the stage for the contest, Damselfly Dilly begins to wonder what the real purpose behind the contest is. To everyone’s surprise the judges are arachnids who plan to have all the contestants for supper. Damselfly Dilly saves the day and turns out to the real winner of the “Buggliest Bugs.”

I happened to be in our school’s library getting a book for a student and this book’s cover caught my eye. Not only is the cover intriguing but so are the illustrations. I could see how this book would be inviting to younger children. The pages consist of bright, detailed pictures. I enjoyed reading this book for “fun” and liked how it was told from a bug’s perspective rather than the traditional humans.

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Ashlei | 28 comments George Washington and His Teeth by Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora

This is a clever story informing readers of George Washington’s battles with toothaches. It is believed by some that Washington had wooden teeth but after reading this story you will find it is only a myth. When Washington was only twenty-four he started losing a tooth a year and by the time he was elected into office he only had two left. He was worried to smile for fear that others would laugh at him and think down upon him for he was President with no teeth. After losing all his teeth his dentist came up with false teeth that enabled Washington to smile and talk with everyone without having any fear.

This was excellent! I enjoyed reading this story because there were facts present in the material but it was presented in a humorous yet true manner. I also like how at the end of the story there is a time line of important events as well as letters, diaries, and accounts from his own letters. I really do not like reading factual books, but this book was different. It is a good book to read to students because without them knowing it, they are learning information.

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Ashlei | 28 comments The Visit by Testa Fulvio

Mark, Emma, and Louis were on a hike when they came across Tony who was waiting at the bus stop. The three encouraged Tony to come with them and for the first time Tony, a city boy, journeyed through the country. Tony was fascinated with everything he saw in the country, including the real live cow! When Tony catches his bus to head back to the city he is so appreciative towards Mark, Emma, and Louis for sharing and teaching him about their world, the country. And while Mark, Emma, and Louis watch Tony’s bus drive off they too are appreciative towards Tony for he taught them about his world, the city, without realizing it.
Great book to read aloud to demonstrate individuals differences in terms of where they live and how they perceive things as a result. I enjoyed how each child learned something about the other’s world without actually realizing it at the time through conversation.

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Ashlei | 28 comments Georgia O’Keeffe: Portraits of Women Artists for Children by Robyn Montana Turner

As a child and young adult Georgia O’Keeffe was not encouraged to become an artist like girls and boys are today. Georgia’s mother, Ida, wanted her daughters to be artistic not only in the traditional women’s work such as sewing and quilting but in painting and drawing as well. That is why she sent her daughters to an art school especially Georgia. Georgia O’Keeffe has her own ideas about what her artwork should look like and did not appreciate it when her art teacher touched up her paintings. She sketched caricatures of high school teachers and did paintings using watercolors, charcoal, and oil. Most of her paintings represent a found memory. For example, the painting, The Shelton with Sunspots, which is a representation of how she thought of her and her husbands’ modern apartment in New York’s highest skyscraper. O’Keeffe rarely signed her work but did leave a mark on the twentieth-century when it came to art. I choose to read this book because my mother is an Art teacher and I can remember how she would always talk to my brother and me about artists and their work when we were younger. Georgia O’Keeffe was one that she talked about. Reading about Georgia I discovered she enjoyed to express what she saw in her mind and felt in her heart on the canvas. Having this understanding of her paintings makes her art work more meaningful and significant.

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Ashlei | 28 comments Moses Goes to a Concert by Isaac Millman

Moses and his classmates are all deaf. Their teacher takes them to a concert which is performed by a deaf percussionist. Each student is given a balloon to help them hear/feel the vibrations of the music being played. When the concert is over the students get the chance to go on stage and make music with the instruments. While the percussionist signs to the students she tells them that they can be and do anything that they put their mind to despite their being deaf. This is an excellent book to model to students how all students can achieve great things despite any “disabilities” they may have. It is also a good book to help children learn the basic signs in sign language.

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