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Amber Thomas (althomas80) | 28 comments Wayside School is Falling Down By: Louis Sachar
This story is about a group of students in Mrs. Jewels’ class at Wayside School. All sorts of wacky things happen to the students and staff at Wayside. Their classroom is on the thirtieth story and there is no twenty-ninth story. However, we find out that Mrs. Zarves, teaches on the twenty-ninth story, but there is no Mrs. Zarves. We question things like this as we read throughout the entire book. Each chapter is about one of the students and a crazy story about him/her or it is about an event in Mrs. Jewels’ class that ends up going wrong. You’ll read about a basement that you are never supposed to travel to, a principal who interrogates his students, a ballroom dance instructor who tossing children in the air while doing the tango, and a student who gets a tattoo of a potato. You will never guess what will happen next at this mixed up Wayside School.
I would highly recommend this book to teachers and students of all ages. This is one of my favorite read-alouds that I use in my classroom. I find myself laughing each time I read it, and I enjoy watching the expressions on my students’ faces as they hear me read each crazy chapter. Every chapter brings up new conversation about why things happened the way they do and we discuss what we would do in these situations. I always have students who get hooked on the series after I read it and want to explore the other books that come before and after it. Students are always requesting I read another chapter even when we are done with our read-aloud time for the day. I recommend that you check out this book if you are looking for comedy in your classroom.

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Julie Antonini | 22 comments I've seen this series and wondered about it. It sounds hilarious :) Thanks for sharing, Julie

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Amber Thomas (althomas80) | 28 comments Deep, Dark, and Dangerous By: Mary Downing Hahn
This book is about a young girl named Ali who finds a picture of her mother and aunt as children that has someone ripped out of it. Ali questions her mother who instantly has a headache and does not want to talk about it. Ali is still questions herself about this mysterious picture and even considers asking her aunt who missing from it. She does not have to wait long to ask though. Her aunt Dulcie invites her to the cabin by the lake where the picture was taken. She wants Ali to take care of her daughter Emma while she paints. Reluctantly, Ali’s mom agrees to let her go. While Ali is there, she and Emma meet a girl names Sissy. This girl is a bad influence on Emma and is always talking about a girl named Teresa who died in the lake near their cabin. Eventually Sissy tells Ali and Emma that their mothers were the people responsible for Teresa’s death. She drowned as a child and their mothers were with her and never told anyone. After talking to her aunt and her mom, they admit they were there, but it was an accident. The try to make it right by telling the police and they do find Teresa’s bones in the lake. It is then that Ali and Emma learn that Sissy and Teresa were the same person, and she can now be at peace since her body was properly buried.
This is a good book for students who enjoy a good ghost story. It does not have all of blood and gore that some scary stories have, but there is a good story line that keeps you turning pages. I could not put this book down and read it a day and a half. I kept reading to find out who Sissy “the ghost” really was. This would be a great read aloud that would keep students interested. I would recommend it for fourth grade students on up.

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