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message 1: by Katerina, ARE YOU WATCHING THE OLYMPICS?!! (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1096 comments Mod
What will you wear to the Arena?

What are you wearing now?

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?

What are you good at?

What's your relationship with your parent?

((I'm totally new at this, so if I should add anything, please tell me!!))

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Sarah | 703 comments Raspine:
What will you wear to the Arena? *see character*

What are you wearing now? She hates it though.

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special? My friends the Huntresses. I'm not sure how they are anymore seeing as they hate me....*tears in eyes*

What are you good at? Bow and arrow. Knives.

What's your relationship with your parent? *glare* Demeter can shove it and Artemis hates me.

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 807 comments Mod

What will you wear to the Arena?
[image error]

What are you wearing now?
[image error]

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?
No. I don't grow attached to many people, and my family has proven that they want me to be on my own.

What are you good at?
That's for me to know, and for you to find out by means of how I kill people.

What's your relationship with your parent?
Great. Couldn't be better. After my dad left, my family disowned me, but that never made me hold a grudge. I've been put into these games with no sign of help, but we're still the perfect father daughter couple! We're just fine.


What will you wear to the Arena?
[image error]
(No wings)

What are you wearing now?
[image error]

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?
I used to have this one friend.... but that's unimportant right now. Of course I have my mom and sister at home, and I hope I can return to them soon.

What are you good at?
Swords. I love swords. Everything else is mediocre.

What's your relationship with your parent?
Dionysus? We're not exactly the best of pairs, but he helps me when I truly need it, and I pray to him every once in a while.

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What will you wear to the Arena? -

What are you wearing now? -

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special? - 'I used to.' Alexandria muttered, glaring at Caeser to let him know he subject was closed.

What are you good at? - 'Killing.' Alexandria growled, her eyes darkening as a primal response.

What's your relationship with your parent? - 'I admire Hades ways, he is truly the master of death.' - Alexandria muttered with a reverance.

message 5: by Katerina, ARE YOU WATCHING THE OLYMPICS?!! (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1096 comments Mod
Deidre Kou

What will you wear to the Arena?
Just the dress

What are you wearing now?
With a emerald green floor length hooded cloak to go with. And she's wearing shorts under that mini dress, thank god.

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?
No. I've never had anyone special. They all want me, but I don't want them. Shut up.

What are you good at?
I'll kill you with this fan. I swear to the gods

What's your relationship with your parent?
Mutual acceptance. I'm leaving now.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 54 comments -Silas Michelikakis-

The servant of the Underworld lazily glances at the reporter, ringed eyes blinking slowly, taking in and storing away information at an uncomfortable rate. Smoothly, he slid into an available chair, sprawling with the natural grace of a born predator. He waits as the man fumbles, and he feels his patience begin to wear thin.

"You are here for an interview, óchi? If you would please hurry with your pathetic mumblings, we could both be well and gone from this place within the next two hours."

The tone is slicing. Cold. If nothing, Silas hated nothing more than a little fool wasting his time like it was an invaluable, available thing. He hides a dry smirk as the little man rumbles with his questions, and he leans further into his chair. This would provide to be amusing, at the least.

What will you wear to the Arena?

My, I suppose you could say, but with the variations I usually conceal or find needless in my day-to-day tasks. Bringing attention to yourself with fancy clothing and equipment is needless, and will only quicken your death, óchi ?

What are you wearing now?

I am wearing what I always wear, foolish little man. Have you not the eyes to see it? I find it a useless, wasteful thing to dress up for those who will cheer for your death in the coming weeks, and my management refuses to have anything to do with me besides.

-Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?-

Family? I personally saw to half-brother's death, the useless half-wit he was. Even now the sound of his agonized screams brings shivers to this form. Perhaps it was drastic to actually proceed to kill him, but he knew to much, and that is a weapon in itself, and he never truly appreciated the...unique, features my father passed on to me. But I have wandered from the question, óchi? The answer you so desperately need is no, I have no family and my former lover has cut all ties to my person. I have no hold backs when it comes to the arena, now.

-What are you good at?-

A variety of things, but you already know some, and I am not going to say a careless word that will reveal my true potential to my enemies. But I will give you a tease, naí? I have been trained by Algos and Maniae, at the wishes of my father. I learned much at their hands, but I will only tell two of these things. I was trained with the flawless beauty of the kukri knives, and with it I have mastered the art of illusions. But, to the others, I give you but a hint. Death is not the worst that can happen to men.

-What's your relationship with your parent?-

Listen closely, little fool. My father and I have come to a mutual agreement when it comes to contact with one another. It will be minimal and brief at the most, and it will resort in him or I, whichever is feeling the most...irritated that day, to attempt to kill one another. Perhaps Hades is my father, but I serve Lord Erebos's needs before my fathers own, and it shall stay that way until the day I die, and probably long after that. Is this the last of your questions?

The pale man sits up into something resembling a slouch, clawed hands tracing the curved handle of the chair upon which he had seated himself, eyes half-lidded. Pondering, perhaps, the performance he gave. Stoic as ever, he rose, extending a hand to the little twit, snake eyes not even blinking when the man politely refused, mumbling something or other about a germaphobie he had had since he was a child.

A lie. All to clearly, but he didn't mind. Though he had an animilistic appearance, he had the clear-cut mind of a human, and he could see these little things. Giving a smile, Michelikakis trailed from the room, not even glancing back. He would show these little mortals what a true son of death could do. But not in his father's name. No. In that of the true dark lord. Yes.

A serpentine grin made its way across his face, and he strode as one with a true purpose only could, sweeping past and through the reporters lackeys.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 54 comments (( The terms óchi and naí are the phonetic written words for no and yes in Greek. I thought I had better explain it in case someone got confused.))

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 54 comments -Melancholia Cardona-

Much like the person before her, "Cardona" threw herself in the plush seat, tipping back until only one of the four legs kept her grounded, picking at her teeth with a worn toothpick.

"Bom dia, my man." She greeted, shaking the hands of the reporter before her, smiling as he nervously glanced at the deep scratch marks left in his chair from the previous occupant. Seems like the little guy pissed of Silas, poor thing, Probably wake up dead tomorrow.

"Your Melancholia Cardona?" He questioned, releasing her firm grip.

"You got it right," she chirped, smiling radiantly, "But its just Cardona, or Mel, but I prefer Cardona, easier to pronounce and its got the flow of a professional."

He nodded, leaning back from the energetic girl, and began to list of the questions.

-What will you wear to the Arena?-

Not something heavy, I can bloody well tell you that. I was actually thinking along the lines of full commando type of style, loose and flexible, not constraining in the least, y'know what I mean? Might not provide enough protection, but if your fast enough, you won't need that type of deal.

-What are you wearing now?-

Just something simple. I don't really enjoy being poked and prodded, and my people seemed fine to leave me well enough alone, especially once I began to cuss at them, so I picked out the first thing I saw. If I knew that their would be people like yourself lurking around, I might've dressed better. Might've.

-Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?-

Well I got my Papa and three brothers (not counting my stepmom), but other than that its pretty lonesome. I haven't seen them in over four years, but I still love them to pieces. I occasionally get letters from them, but they've been rather quiet for the last few months, especially since Papa remarried. But I don't really care, it'll just make it easier for my to concentrate in the arena.

Do I have someone special? Not really. Silas and I were an item for a while, then he went all emo-ass and depressive, broke things off and left me all for my own in Chicago. In the middle of fucking winter. I hate the bastard for it, but what'll you do? He's the only guy I know here and I haven't really tried to make alliances.

-What are you good at?-

Don't know if I should really answer that, y'know what I mean? Enemies abound 'round here, but I guess I can show and tell. I worked as a bar maid when I was younger (with a fake ID o'course), and this regular, well, he was kinda soft on me and was worried I'd get hurt working with all those drunks 'round. He was Brazilian too, like me, so he began to teach me our home country's special kind of Jiu-Jitsu, and I'm pretty damn good at if if I do say so myself. It helped that I'm naturally lean and mean, so watch your backs, y'hear?

I'm also great at some o' my mother's talents, like influencin' people to do what I want 'em too, and making them hallucinate about their good ol'granny's home-made chocolate chip cookies, but all the rest is top secret, classified. Got to keep some stuff as a surprise, yeah?

-What's your relationship with your parent?-

Well, you probably mean my Godly Goddess mama, not the ickety, rickety step-one, so I'll give it to you straight. I never met my mama, and I don't really know if I want to. Before this, she never lent a holy hand, and I've been fending for myself since I was a tyke. I love her for giving me life and all, but I just don't really want her in my life, you know?

As for Hera, she's alright, but not in the invite over for your house kinda deal. I got roped into this, one way or another, so I'll fight good and hard for her, no worries there. Can this be done now? I'm feeling a mean craving for some grilled cheese and a fine bottle of rum...

Without waiting for an answer, the ever erratic Cardona bolted from her chair, letting crash to the floor without a care. She threw a wave at the poor guy, but the tongue she stuck out moments later completely ruined her kindly gesture. What a day.

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(( Demonic - once again I applaud you and your creativity. ))

message 10: by Sarah (last edited Nov 03, 2011 03:44PM) (new)

Sarah | 703 comments Aisha:
What will you wear to the Arena? *see character*

What are you wearing now?

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?
Nope. My dad's a jerk and my mom isn't exactly at me! *sweet smile*
What are you good at? Flirting, knives, and other things...*wink*

What's your relationship with your parent?
Aphrodite and's complicated. She loves me, and I love her! But, I'm one of the few Aphrodites with brains and bravery. She's proud of me, but I'm not as pretty as the other Aphrodites and she loves to have me compete and possibly die.

message 11: by Honey Hawthorne , Excited to be back:) (new)

Honey Hawthorne  | 1188 comments Mod
What will you wear to the Arena?



What are you wearing now?

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?

No. I've had a bunch of parents, but none of them stuck...

You are an orphan?


What are you good at?

I can read minds and create illusions.

What's your relationship with your parent?

I don't Athena likes me all that much. I was never the daughter she wanted me to be. I guess she just gave up on me.

message 12: by Quemares (new)

Quemares Q:What will you wear to the Arena?

A:Exactly what I'm wearing right now

Q:What are you wearing now?

A:A white hoodie, a blue T-shirt and blue jeans.

Q:Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?

A:If I respond to that question, someone might come along drag them out and bring them into the Games....So I won't respond.

Q:What are you good at?

A:Playing my ocarina.

Q:What's your relationship with your parent?

A:My mom is dead but me and Apollo are pretty close. He visits me every once in a while.

message 13: by Zakari (new)

Zakari | 49 comments Akward-Turtle-(Ashton) wrote: "(( Demonic - once again I applaud you and your creativity. ))"

((True that. Your interview is amazing.))

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 54 comments ((Why thank you both.))

message 15: by L (last edited Nov 05, 2011 09:20AM) (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Aurelin Mon
Hunter of Artemis
13 years

The girl looks around, her caramel-brown eyes flicking from face to face of the tributes around her. She was leaning back relaxedly, her legs crossed, the top one bouncing out a beat. She hid a laugh at the other Hunter's reply to Caesar, smiling to her as she sat down next to her. Standing and shaking herself loose, she strode over to Caesar, carrying herself tall and strong, mildly proud and very confident.
She seated herself in the empty chair, leaning back and draping her arms over the sides, and crossing her ankles, turning her attention completely on Caesar, something she rarely did. Maybe most of her attention, but having all of it tuned to you was more than slightly frightening.

Caesar: What will you wear to the Arena?

Aurelin: Something comfortable, something loose enough I can move but not so loose it would get caught repeatedly on something. Jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, probably, with a tank top underneath and a jacket on top. Either leather or denim, for the jacket. And good warm shoes, that I can run in."

Caesar: I can tell already you're gonna be one of the flighty ones. Oh my, my, my, my. What are you wearing now?

Aurelin: Good question. Well, for all those blind people out there, I'll describe it. I'm wearing a layered turquoise skirt embroidered with little fake diamonds reaching up to about half a foot around the hem, I'd say? A white long-sleeved shirt with puffy sleeves and a low cut loose V-neck tops the outfit, the V-neck tied together with white strings. My hair is down, and I have a wreath on, with faked flowers of different pinks, blues, and yellows snaked in there.

Caesar: Very descriptive....Sorry, I didn't catch your name?

Aurelin: I don't believe I dropped it! It's Aurelin.

Caesar: Ah yes, that's right, a Hunter of Artemis, correct? Do you have family back home? Do you have a place you call home?

Aurelin: I have family other than Artemis and the Hunters. You see, I was originally a daughter of Aphrodite. But I hated it so I'm glad I'm a Hunter. My dad's dead, long dead, and my twin brother's with all my other half-siblings.

Caesar: That's so sad. But it's good to know you're happy. Now, is there anyone special? Are you even allowed to have someone special?

Aurelin: The other Hunters. But no one special in the other sense, no.

Caesar: Similar to your Companion's answer. Speaking of that, have you made any allies yet?

Aurelin: No, not yet. But I plan to. Watch out, tributes, a potential ally is comin' your way!
The two laugh wholeheartedly, as does at least one of the tributes.

Caesar: Very funny, Aura. May I call you Aura? Now a real question: what are you good at?

Aurelin: In my head, kicking ass. Now for real, moving, precision, I can deliver some pretty strong kicks and punches. I'm not telling my weapon proficiencies, but I can tell you there's no way I can use a warhammer!

Caesar: Sounds like you would make a powerful ally and devastating enemy. Just what you want to be, right? So, before we run out of time, what's your relationship with your parent?

Aurelin: Artemis and I....Or Aphrodite and I? I'll do both. Artemis and I aren't the closest, but we don't hate each other. I've seen her only a few times, though... And Aphrodite? Well, lets just say I tried her way of life and it utterly repulsed me. I'm not insulting her here, of all places, but I will tell her to suck it. She's not getting me back.

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 703 comments Ooohhh Aisha's gonna HATE her and can we have Raspine be nice to her and have Aurelin shun her because she isn't a Huntress anymore?

By the way, AMAZING job!!!

message 17: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Raspine's not a Huntress why not?

Thank you!!! YAY I MADE ENEMIES!!! *is thrilled* I'm making my Ares girl become a total BEEP!

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 703 comments Raspine kind of liked a guy, but it wasn't a big deal till....he kissed her and she liked it. Artemis showed up and officially abandoned her. She's allowed to compete in the game under the title of Huntress, but after that she's no longer a Huntress. Sad, right?

And Aisha is technically nice now, but if Aurelin makes a nasty comment about Aphrodite, Aisha'll probably punch her. :)

message 19: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Aww....That's so sad. I don't think Aurelin knows Raspine, so she doesn't know she's been abandoned. But tell her that and she'll be less telling.

Ha! Well, I think I'll go find Aisha and swear at Aphrodite. :-P Kidding, kidding.

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 703 comments :D Lol if you want she's in the Dining Hall. Raspine's in the Training Room with the guy she likes.

message 21: by L (last edited Nov 05, 2011 09:19AM) (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Kendyl Stephens
Daughter of Artemis

The tall, slender girl sat back, menacingly relaxed, her facial and body expression brutal and powerful. She watched the person before her seat themselves, then surged to her feet, a careful, purposeful movement. She sat herself down in the comfortably wide chair, lounging with one leg straight, the other draped casually over the arm. "Shall we start?" She asked, her voice crystalline and sweet, in a way that made you think the crystal was under pressure and could shatter at any moment, unleashing a terrible force.

Caesar: So we shall. To start off with, what will you wear to the Arena?

Kendyl: Probably something similar to what I'm wearing now. Protective pants, so either leather or denim, a t-shirt, a jacket of some sort, and my leather flat-heel boots, the ones with the steel toe, maybe?

Caesar: Frightening! Tell the blind of our world, just what are you wearing now?

Kendyl: Dark skinny jeans, black leather high-heeled boots, white spaghetti-strap tank-top, and my district token, a leather-jacket that does absolutely nothing towards keeping me warm.

Caesar: So not at all like the other tributes. Do you think them, or us Capitol citizens, frivolous?

Kendyl: A bit overdone here and there, but that Artemis girl's costume, that's a practical one, that is. You all however, the people of the Capitol, I dip you in horse s*** if I could. You ***holes would deserve such treatment.

Caesar: Caesar pauses for a moment, unsure of how to continue, until he remembers their on live and on the clock. Do you have family back home? Or anyone special?

Kendyl: "Three good-for-nothing cats. Evil little buggers. They all hate me, the only reason they're still around is because I feed them."

Caesar: Interesting. No other family, I presume?

Kendyl: A nasty half-sister. Daughter of Apollo, a bratty, selfish little *****.

Caesar: *pauses, unsure of how to go on*What are you good at?

Kendyl: Well, I can use pretty much any weapon with a blade, I can fire a bow pretty well, can throw daggers with just under average precision, antd I can hide. I do have a few tricks, but those are to be revealed when the first arrogant jump-start attacks.

Caesar: What's your relationship with your parent?

Kendyl: I've seen Ares a few times, but I believe he sees me as a sort of disappointment. And he has every reason to; what war god wants a kid who would lie in wait instead of chase and fight? There's the timer, I'll be going.

Kendyl stands, adjusting her leather jacket and taking her long strides back to her seat.

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 703 comments Wow that's really, really good. By the way, I assume 'that Artemis girl' is Aurelin, right?

message 23: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Yes.

message 24: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 74 comments Oh wow.... I"m gonna have to do one.

message 25: by Katerina, ARE YOU WATCHING THE OLYMPICS?!! (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1096 comments Mod
Chop, chop, Hannah! :)

message 26: by Zakari (new)

Zakari | 49 comments HANNELORE
What will you wear to the Arena? ((Don't mind the hair.))

What are you wearing now? ((YEAH! GO EMMA!!!))

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special? No, and no. My mother passed away when I was seven. In fact... ((smiles sadly)) it will be her death anniversary while I'm in the Arena.

What are you good at? I'm a top runner. And a gymnast. Number one in both, mostly. Of course, I'm not perfect and I've been bested before.

What's your relationship with your parent? He's all right. Not the best dad ever, but I know he has his own problems to sort out. And, well... you already know about my mother. ((sigh))

What will you wear to the Arena?

What are you wearing now?

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special? My grandfather, my father, an older brother, and eight little brothers from another mother who left. Yeah, we're a manly family. I feel bad for Hestia whenever she visits. All of the reminders of the woman my dad married running around... not so great.

What are you good at? I'm rather skilled at kendo, or Japanese fencing. I guess that means I'm pretty good at the English style of fencing as well. Terrible at running, but I'm okay at hand-to-hand combat.

What's your relationship with your parent? Well, like I said earlier, she visits every now and then, which makes me one of the luckier demigods. She's... really not bad. ((sweet smile)) She's really nice and brings all of my other brothers gifts. But, since she refuses to treat me special, I don't get any. ((selfless grin))

message 27: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 74 comments ((Zakari, since our charries are the same parentage should they stick together than?))

message 28: by Katerina, ARE YOU WATCHING THE OLYMPICS?!! (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1096 comments Mod
((Not necessarily. It's like how the tributes from the same district still ended up killing each other, in some instances))

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)


message 30: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((Just saying, Kendyl and Aurelin are NOT inactive, I just don't want them to have any allies so I didn't bother posting them anywhere. So DO NOT take them from me. Please.))

message 31: by Ingrid (last edited Nov 16, 2011 12:21PM) (new)

Ingrid What will you wear to the Arena?
What are you wearing now? (Black and Red)

Do you have family back home? Or anyone special? I've got a little brother who I love dearly, I have a father who I don't particularly care for, and I have a big sister who is a pain, but we'd do anything for each other.
Needless to say, I wanna go home to them.

What are you good at? School. I'm brilliant, practically a genius. I know many different battle strategies and I am best with long distance targets (spears, arrows, etc...) I'm awful with swords and not that great with hand to hand.

What's your relationship with your parent? Athena's pretty nice. I like my mom, though we don't get along amazingly. She treats me like she treats the other demigods. Why should I be different? I guess she isn't that big of a person in my life.

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