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Amy Nichols | 25 comments A few years back, The White Giraffe was a Rebecca Caudill Award nominee. I had seen lots of students reading it, so I thought I would give it a try. A young girl is sent to Africa from England to live with a grandmother she didn.t know about. Here she learns about her family history and finds the strength to become the person she was meant to be. The white giraffe is a "supposed creature" only to be ridden by the one with the gift. Read the book to find out who has the gift... learn some African folklore and let your imagination run wild.

I would recommend this book to girls maybe 4th - 8th grade or so. Students who enjoy books with series may also like it- there is The Dolphin Song, The Last Leopard, and The Elephant's Tale... I am not sure of the dolphin book as it seems to not "fit" with the other animals- but, who knows. It is definately a book that makes you want to keep reading and makes you want to go on a Safari!

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Amy Nichols | 25 comments I am currently reading aloud the 1st in the series of The Hunger Games... it is AWESOME! I wanted to post it as a good read because I have gotten so drawn in! My students are LOVING it.
The Hunger Games is a sci-fi story (usually I don't pick up much like this)... But after seeing the previews for the movie and hearing many of my students conferencing about this book I had to read it.

I would recommend this beeok to maybe 5th grade at the youngest through adult =) I am reading it to my class in hopes they find an interest and complete the series... if we like it too much as a class, I will read the series. I chose now to do it because the movie is coming out & I like to peak the interest of my kids. So, I am anxious to keep reading, and look forward to Catching Fire, and Mockingjay - all by Suzanne Collins. Brilliant!

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