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Kassidy | 24 comments The girl who threw Butterflies by Mick Cochrane (chapter book) is a book about 8th grader Molly Williams. Molly is struggling with her father’s recent death and the relationship she has with her mother. She feels that all of the other kids have treated her differently since her father’s car accident and is trying to just fit in. Molly decides to try out for the school baseball team, because baseball was the strongest connection she had with her father. He was the one that tougher her to throw the knuckleball. The season is rough as Molly struggles to be one of the team, but in the end she begins to gain confidence in whom she is, what she wants and baseball.
This is a great book for middle school students. It explores the complicated relationships with parents, boys, and friends. It also deals with Molly’s grief and how she chose to remember her father. The book focuses on both the internal and external struggles Molly is dealing with, and how she chooses to cope.

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Kassidy | 24 comments Saavy by Ingrid Law(chapter Book) Mississippi Beaumont has been looking forward to her 13th birthday forever. In the Beaumont family the 13th birthday is when “it” happens. It’s when you get your Savvy or gift. Her brother Rocket can manipulate electricity and her brother Fish can create storms. However just before her 13th birthday her father is in a car accident and left comatose. Mississippi embarks on a mission to go to her father and use her Savvy to wake him up. The trip she finds herself on is full of mischief and crazy situations, and people that she never expected.
This book is a fun read for intermediate to middle school. It is full of magic and relationships. Relationships that are complicated and unexpected with friends, enemies, family, and love. It is full of mystery and suspense and you never quite know what will happen next.

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