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Can they make it into a good movie?
Katy Katy Oct 27, 2011 12:19AM
This book was amazing. The virtual world of OASIS, even more so. I am worried that a movie version would not have a large enough target audience to get the big budget they would need to really do the book justice.

I think they could if they really wanted too but I don't think that anyone really will. It would be really hard to make. However I would totally see it if anyone would make it.

Cat (last edited Feb 14, 2012 09:43PM ) Feb 14, 2012 09:43PM   0 votes
Probably, since most of it will be animated cuz its in the OASIS

Katy wrote: "This book was amazing. The virtual world of OASIS, even more so. I am worried that a movie version would not have a large enough target audience to get the big budget they would need to really do t..."

I would be awesome but I think it would be done horribly. Just my opinion....

If the author supervises it carefully, then I say yeah, it could happen. I usually have a hard time imagining events from stories in my head. This one was not so hard, however. What I wonder is how they'll handle all the OASIS scenes.

only on a lucas size budget

ok so as for licensing...the author pulled it off with star wars/fanboys. all they need to do is get the "wright" director....edgar wright would make this movie soooooooo good.

I think there are a few hurdles. Visually, I think it would be served best by being animated (at least for inside OASIS). Then there's the problem of obtaining licensing for all of the dozens and dozens of copyrighted movies/songs/games referenced and shown. Finally, there's the issue of actually communicating the references (done in the book by Wade's thoughts) without the characters having to say out loud, "Hey, look, it's everybody!"

Robert Wright Technically, if they put up enough budget it can be made. The big hurdle, like you say is licensing. And that extends to the feature, video release, c ...more
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Milo (last edited Jan 15, 2012 06:09PM ) Jan 15, 2012 06:08PM   0 votes
I think this would translate pretty well into a serial. As a feature length film (or 2 or 3) it would not get the justice it deserved. If it were spread over 13 or 26 episodes, it could be as rich and complex as the narrative is.

That said, it would also be really neat to be re-released as a multimedia box with annotations, links to more info, and a multi-disc soundtrack so that readers unfamiliar with the references could use it as a learning tool.

I actually don't think it would cost a lot for them to make this into a movie at all because a large majority of it would be CGI which is cheap. However, they might have problems with the liscencing; using so many copyrighted materials can get expensive.

I'm with Zach, I see the biggest problem being the matter of licensing all the content they talked about in the book. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Capcom, Blade Runner, and all the additional Japanese series and everything else referenced.
I think if they were able to get past that there is so much potential, but it seems a little too hard (and expensive!).

Cline is doing the script, as it was part of the agreement with Warner Brothers. I think it would make a better LONGER mini-series than a film, but I trust Cline do the best he can do.

When I was reading it I thought it would make an interesting movie, but didn't think it would be possible do to all the different licensing issues they'd have with all the 80's pop culture, which CANNOT be left out as its such an important part of the book. THEN, when I found out that it had been optioned for film I was shocked. Hopefully Hollywood doesn't screw it up.

I really loved this book and yes they ARE making it into a movie. Warner Bros is behind it and if they can do Harry Potter then I truly believe that this can be accomplished. Top 5 of the best ever books. Plus the author of this book is the screenwriter and then some behind Fanboys, which is awesome too!

I love this book, but this guy is a screenwriter. There is a reason this was a book and not a screenplay. Are you really going to be able to do walkthru/Choose Your Own Adventure of War Games and Holy Grail?
That said this book was the most purely entertaining book I've read in many, many years.

I don't see why not. With the CGI and green screen tech available these days, I'm sure that the world of OASIS could be fully fleshed out.

There is no way this can be made into a decent movie given Hollywood's track record with any script that has to deal with computers and how people may interact with them in the future.

Hollywood insists on dumbing down anything remotely "tech" because they assume the audience is stupid.

The possibility of an intelligent target audience never occurs to the bean counters.

Chris Forquer I have to agree. Take the movie Hackers...I loved the flic but it was so over the top that it just blew it for me.
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Gary (last edited Dec 04, 2011 06:24AM ) Dec 04, 2011 06:24AM   0 votes
it'll be tough, but if done right, it could be amazing!

I would think that plenty of people would like to see this made into a movie. After all, last week was celebrated collectively as "80s Week"; Guitar Hero and Rock Band have made 80s music at least as popular as today's; and so on.

I'm not as worried about the budget. Yes, using the likes of ILM or DreamWorks wouldn't be cheap...but there are plenty of movies in which budget and quality don't match.

I just read this book and I loved it. I agree that it might be hard to handle the copyrighting part, but this is such a visual book that it will translate well in to a movie format. Maybe they could do more than one movie part 1 and 2.

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