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message 1: by Mr. (new)

Mr. (mdimasi) | 8 comments Mod
Dear Bosses:
For your current pleasure reading book, please write and post:
A. one text to self connection
B. one text to text connection: What part of your book reminds you of another movie, tv show, newspaper article, video game, etc.

Remember: Even if you did not necessarily go through the exact situation as the character but shared the same feelings, emotions, or thoughts, you can write that as your text to self connection.

The King of Bosses

message 2: by Justin.g (new)

Justin.g | 2 comments Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightining Theif reminds me of me because in his school there are people who do not care about school and are rude. Percy Jackson reminds me of Harry potter because just like percy harry is not the best student in his school

message 3: by Sydney.c (new)

Sydney.c | 2 comments In "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" I feel like I can relate to Norah because of how she feels the need to run away from stressful situations.

The character Nick reminds me of Scott from the "Scott Pilgrim" books because of how they both play bass in a band.

message 4: by Nicole S. (new)

Nicole S. Percy jackson and the battle of labyrinth reminds me of this indian shiw my mom watches bacause the person in the show is exactly like Nico Di Angelo. They both don't want to listen to what other people tell them... Even if it is right. My book also reminds me of myself because Percy sometimes doesn't know what he is doing sometimes. As in he can't make up his mind on what is right or wrong.

message 5: by August.r (new)

August.r | 2 comments A) it helps me to realize how to survive using the things around me

B) its shows me the things other writers consiter when writing about this topic

message 6: by Jonr (new)

Jonr | 2 comments A.my text to self connection is the main character and how i liked to draw alot.
B.my book reminds me of the many flaws people have like being deaf, blind, or handicapped.

message 7: by Todd (new)

Todd Gonnella (chessplayer123) | 3 comments A. one text to self connection with me and alex rider is that we are both ver curious to whats going on around us

B. Alex Rider reminds me of NCIS or CSI because they are always looking for clues and so is he

message 8: by Bryan.t (new)

Bryan.t | 1 comments A.a text-to-self connection i made in penalty is that when he got a red card he got furious and one time i got one and also got mad
B.Penalty makes me remember a movies called Goal where a poor kid grew up to be a pro soccer player

message 9: by Christine.g (new)

Christine.g | 2 comments A. In the book im reading makes me be informed and telling me about the teens.

B.My book reminds me of what always happens with teen in schools.

message 10: by Carolina m (new)

Carolina m | 2 comments A. in the book im reading one text-to-self connection is that she got furstrated with one of the character which was her sister and i too get mad at my sister.
B. my book reminds me of the book the boxcar children because they are always moviing from place to place.

message 11: by Jhimmyly (new)

Jhimmyly | 1 comments A. In the book I am reading my text to self connection is how they made fun of him because he is fat reminds me how some kids that made fun of me when i was heavier when i was younger.
B. My book reminds me of how the bible says don't judge others if you don't want to be judged. Since he kept talking about other people everyone began talking about how fat he is.

message 12: by Cheyenne.s (new)

Cheyenne.s | 2 comments A. In the book I'm reading, Four past midnight, my text to self connection is when he walked into the public library for the first time and something felt off, sometimes I feel like something is wrong if I go to a new place for the first time and people I know have said bad things about it.
B. My book reminds me of the show Paranormal Witness because sometimes the people on this show encounter things that they know are real, but no one wants to talk about it, just like the characters in my book.

message 13: by Carlos.g (new)

Carlos.g | 3 comments In Vanished, the main person doesn't really understand why somethings are happening. This reminds me of when I made the change from my old house to my current home, I didn't understand why we moved.
B. In the Star War saga, many characters didn't understand the " force" and the " dark side".

message 14: by Jianni.o (new)

Jianni.o | 2 comments A> In Bone,The character reminds me of my family always staying together.
B> The book reminds me of The Incredible's Where the family has to face a villain and they are always by each others side they never leave one another.

message 15: by Mat.m (new)

Mat.m | 1 comments A) In The Catcher In The Rye the character Holden reminds me of me because I sometimes act like him.
B) The Book reminds me of the Outsiders because Holden kind of like Ponyboy has to find out what he is meant to do and and kind of find his place in the world.

message 16: by Katherine.h (new)

Katherine.h | 5 comments A) In the book Midnight Sun, Edward reminds me of me because he doesn't give up no matter what.
B) The book reminds me of a walk to remember because Landon would do anything for Jamie just like Edward would do for Bella.

message 17: by Joe.c (new)

Joe.c | 2 comments A. In the book Hoops, Lonnie's determination reminds me of me because when I want to do something I'm determined to finish it.
B. Hoops also reminds me of Sandlot when Smalls loses his autographed baseball because when Lonnie's teammate loses his bird, he is also very upset.

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