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lol. 2 people/cats like Dana

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Oh well. I am not complaining! lol

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Insane_lover hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm name name name... OH I GOT ONE!

Name: Sam
Gender: Female
Breed: Wolf
Appeareance: Thick brown hair, eyes that change from dark blue to stormy grey ((mine do that! its awesome!)) wolf-like era
Powers: can turn into a wolf anytime anywhere
Personality: Cheerful, very hyper, is serious when needs to be, playful when not dooing anthing
Other: nothing for now....

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Cool character!

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A Filthy Youth groupie | 534 comments Mod

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Ruby | 28 comments lol wow y'all got a lot of...ummm...really cool ppl on here. haha

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cool character!

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Maralune Awesome but that is a looooong name!

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Species:Wolf pup
Other:really wants a family and wanders the streets looking for an owner. Storm is an immortal, she's been reincarnated many times and has to go on a quest to find her true form, such as an animal or human, or a vampire. Storm changes a lot, she is reincarnated many times.

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