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2011 > Studies of Rats on Memory and Intelligence

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message 1: by Christian (new)

Christian Gallego (christiantzm) | 11 comments Ginger, in BSP-3: ["In Search of Memory" by Eric Kandel] about 11 min in you spoke of how they could make brilliant rats by blocking a (memory?) suppressor gene. I'm looking in the show notes and I'm not finding what study that was from. Was that one of Kandel's studies?

Also can someone please tell me which study Robert Sapolsky is talking about here in this film?
I really want to know and read up on it.

Thank you so much guys!


message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian Gallego (christiantzm) | 11 comments i still very badly want to know if anyone does. though maybe noone does. and thats ok, if thats the case. :]

message 3: by Christian (new)

Christian Gallego (christiantzm) | 11 comments It appears to have been MR Rosenzweig.
took a while for me to find it but i've got it now. thanks anyways.

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