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message 1: by Melissa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Melissa how did you guys feel about the end? I was SO angry actually. I felt like I loved the book so much and I just didn't like the way it ended.

Mike I thought it was incredibly rewarding. Fantastic book. My favorite of Grisham's.

Too bad the movie sucked.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I was disappointed a bit, too, but the irony of it all...he came to loathe lawyers and law as his father had. The satisfaction was his victory-even if only on paper. Victory was that in the end he got to take the honey and run.

Jeremy I can't say I was surprised at his quitting being a lawyer. (I can count on one hand the Grisham books I've read where the lawyer stays a lawyer.) But I can say that I felt like the last twenty pages or so were tacked on because he got bored with the story or something.

On second thought, I guess actually I can say I was surprised. The compassion that Rudy started feeling for Dot and the way that he talked about his future (through something like page 570) really made me think he was going to keep being a lawyer. Maybe a pro bono lawyer or something. So when he starts talking about how he and Deck are splitting up, etc., took me by surprise and took a few minutes to put together what was going on.

Then again, I'm about to graduate law school, so maybe I was hoping for some encouragement that people actually do keep being lawyers . . .

message 5: by Dillon (new)

Dillon The ending was so disappointing.

There are so many ends that weren't tied, or were obviously tied in a rush. Here are a few:

Miss Birdie - Nothing happens! Why couldn't she end up having the money after all, and leaving it to Rudy in her will. Instead we find out nothing; she simply returns to congratulate him.

Kelly Riker - This secondary story tied up somewhat excitingly, but I can't help but think she could have been tied into Great Benefit scheme. Maybe they bribe her to get dirt on Rudy during the trial, mess with his files, or frame him. In fact, that's what I was expecting to happen when he received the phone call from her friend that she had been beaten one more time.

The Lake firm - Remember this firm was burnt down somewhere in the beginning of the book and suspected to be arson? It's never discovered who did it! Nothing. You just assume it was Great West or Tinley Britt.

So they never get the money, but drive off in the sunset and he quits law.


The book was awesome until chapter 50- I wish I stopped reading after the verdict at the end of chapter 49. Of course that's only a few crappy chapters, but the book was an over all thrill to read, and I had to pull an all-nighter to read through the Trial.

Lisa Jackson Dillon wrote: "The ending was so disappointing.

There are so many ends that weren't tied, or were obviously tied in a rush. Here are a few:

Miss Birdie - Nothing happens! Why couldn't she end up having the m..."

You've made some very good points and I completely agree with your summation. I'd like to add: As soon as Kelly was introduced I knew this character was going to trivialize the entire story. Also, what High School holds their prom in July?

message 7: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim Swike I was Ok with the ending. Looks like their future can take many directions.

Susan Mills Wilson This is a uplifting book because of its David versus Goliath theme. The young lawyer is likeable and teachable. I thought the part about him getting involved with Kelly and helping her was an intriguing sub-plot. Good read.

Vikas Jain The story was great but i still feel after all the hard work he has done he should have been left with more money....

message 10: by GN (new)

GN Was very good until the ending. Hard to believe he would just walk away from a very promising legal career and not leverage the notoriety he got from winning the case, as well as the professional contacts he made.

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