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Barbara (barbaradelinsky) | 33 comments Mod
Q. What keeps you writing?

A. The contract I signed? The money I get? These may both be factors, but they are minor ones. If I worked solely for the money, my books would show it. We've all read books like that. Right?

Two things, really, keep me going. First, I love playing with words. There is nothing more satisfying than writing a passage, editing it and re-editing it until every last word fits smoothly, neatly, and rhythmically—then reading the whole thing and thinking, "Wow, that's nice." It's a puzzle. The moment when all of the pieces come together is magical.

Second, my readers keep me going. I work in solitude, some of the time thinking that no one but me ever sees that magical passage. Then I get feedback from you all, and any frustrations I feel regarding the down-side of this career (the business side, the traveling, the fighting for placement in bookstores) go right out the window. Knowing that I touch so many people is mind-blowing. Come the day when that stops happening—when my books fail to move readers—I'll pull the plug on my computer.

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Tammy | 6 comments You have a wide variety of topics and inspirations. I think the reason my book club was drawn to this book was the unusual topic.

I am curious about the time frame to writing a book. How much time does it take to do all the pieces (research/outline, the writing and editing you mention)?

I am also curious if other factors enter into the writing of a book. My book club chooses to meet once a month and to read books in the 200-300 page range (which narrows the choices in many cases). At the end of Family Tree, we all wanted more detail -- but if there was much more it wouldn't have made it on our list because it would've been deemed "too long". Do you have way you want to tell a story? Do you try to keep it in a certain number of chapters/length? How do you balance description versus action/dialog?

Thanks for including me in the discussion!

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Barbara (barbaradelinsky) | 33 comments Mod
Time frame for writing a book? It's kind of like growing a baby -- nine months in the making. I spend three months thinking up an idea, elaborating on it, conceiving of major characters, doing basic research. Then I spend six months in the actual writing. Keep in mind that some research is ongoing, as is character development. Both of these can shift, depending on the direction the writing takes.

I don't work from a detailed outline. I do know the general direction the story is headed, but I like allowing for spontaneity. Some of the best writing days are when my characters do something I didn't expect.

Okay. The book's done. Once my editor has read it, I may spend another 2-4 weeks making revisions. Then there are various read-throughs at the copy-editing and proof-reading stages. By that point, though, I'm usually on to the next book.

Your question about the length of my books is interesting, Tammy. I usually aim for a manuscript that is 400 pages, which allows for cutting and tightening, to finish at 350 pages or so. This gives me a comfortable length to tell a good story. Narrative versus dialogue? I have no set formula, but simply do what's necessary to keep the pace up. No, I don't give detail to every element of the story. Nor do I tie up every end in a neat bow. If I did, what would the reader do with his or her own imagination?

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f.  | 1 comments Dear MRS Barbara

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-if family delete from people life what will happen then

- now actualdefine for family going to be before 15 and after 60 it means only for a quarter of life
- are the exsiting way of technology try to delete or improve it, do you think we need the new strategy for new technology?

best regard

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